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Fiber Tools

Kits, tools, cleaners, and more for fiber optic cabling.


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TAA Compliance


FAST Fiber Connector Kit


All the installation tools needed to prepare 250-µm or 900-µm fibers, or 2-mm or 3-mm cabling for AFL's pre-polished FAST connectors.

Fan-Out Kit, 6-Fiber Buffer Tube, 25-in.


Prepare 6-fiber loose-tube cables for termination.

Fan-Out Kits, 6-Fiber Buffer Tube, 36-in.


Prepare 6-fiber loose-tube cables for termination.

Fan-Out Kit, 12-Fiber Buffer Tube, 25-in.


Prepare 12-fiber loose-tube cables for termination.

Fan-Out Kit, 12-Fiber Buffer Tube, 36-in.


Prepare 6- or 12-fiber loose-tube cables for termination.

Hot Melt ST Multimode Connector with White Boot


For use with the Hot Melt connector system when you need ST connections.

Microcare 1.25-mm Connector Cleaning Sticks, LC, MU, 50-Pack


Super-clean tip conforms to endfaces.

Mini Foam Swabs, 2.5-mm, 50-Pack


Precision cleaning for fiber connectors and sleeves.

Fiber Optic Cleaning Cassette


Ensures dust isn't attracted to fiber after cleaning.

Cleaning Cassette Replacement Reel


Refill the Fiber Optic Cleaning Cassette (FOCC).

Fiber Optic Deluxe Cleaning Kit


Remove oil and dust from ferrules with this complete kit.

Fiber Cleaver


Precisely cleave all 125-µm multimode or single-mode optical fiber.

High Precision Fiber Cleaver


A precise cleaver with a long blade life.

Fiber Optic Starter Cleaning Kit


Seven handy tools in a convenient nylon bag.

IBC 1.25-mm Cleaner


Removes oil and dust contaminants from ferrules.

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Black Box Explains...     
A few properties particular to fiber optic cable can cause problems if you aren’t careful during installation: