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Modular Charging Lockers

Store and charge up to 40 Chromebook laptops, iPad® tablets, notebooks, and more—10 in each stackable, configurable locker.

Custom configurations
Each locker cube holds 10 devices and includes UL Listed power strip. Add more lockers as needed and attach using a few screws. Stack up to four.

Adjustable shelving
With a few screws, move shelves up/down or replace with entirely new shelf. Organize your locker to accommodate changing technology without replacing it.

Small footprint
Locker height, width, and depth are perfect for smaller spaces.

Sturdy design
Users can retrieve, return, and plug in devices, and the sturdy construction ensures the cart won't tip over.

Safety-first design
Rounded edges, corner bumpers, internal electrical components, no pinch points, and locking doors.


Power-controlled charging
Devices fully charge overnight and automated power-controlled charging protects from surges that could trip circuit breakers or cause damage.

Rear cable management
Wire your cart quickly and avoid tangles thanks to rear fast-action cable wraps.

Device-protection slots
Stainless steel device slots hold a variety of laptops and tablets and protect them from scratches.

Add-on options

  • Accessory drawers
  • 3" casters for portability (for up to two locker configuration)
  • Color customization
  • Front cable management bars
  • Hasp or electronic locking
  • Laminate worktop
  • Sync modules for data transfer and updates