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LGB1100 Series Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch - 10-Port

This layer 2 switch delivers high performance, scalability, and availability for your LAN access network.


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Product Features

  • 802.3az Energy-Efficient Ethernet saves on power costs
  • Ideal for video streaming, VoIP, and Wi-Fi client applications
  • IGMP limits bandwidth-heavy multicast traffic
  • RADIUS based 802.1x network access control plus port security
  • Configurable QoS parameters for prioritizing and managing traffic
  • Device Management System (DMS) supports graphical monitoring and configuration
  • Features DHCP server, IPv4/IPv6 management, and LLDP
  • L2+ features make this switch provide easy manageability, robust security, and QoS
  • Management interfaces include HTTP/HTTPS, Telnet/SSH, SNMP, console port
  • Offers high-performance and environment flexibility for both SMB and entry-level enterprise networks


The dual-media ports can be used either as a normal UTP Ethernet port or adapted to 100- or 1000-Mbps fiber with an SFP. Ideal for mixed-speed and legacy-integration environments, the switch enables you to connect twisted-pair Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet segments to devices on other ports or to a fiber optic backbone plugged into the switches' SFP slots. 

You can also bundle multiple ports to create a single high-bandwidth port using 802.3ad LACP aggregation. Combine Gigabit ports, for instance, to create a multilink trunk for load sharing. It is especially beneficial in switch-to-switch cascading applications where you require higher full-duplex speeds. Broadcast/multicast/unicast storm control enables you to restrict excess traffic on your network. IGMP (v1/v2/v3) for limiting bandwidth-heavy multicast traffic. What's more, it has IPv6 support for newer networking equipment (delivering IPv6 multicast packets only to the required receivers). You can also control the rate limit for each switch port and set threshold values for the size of discarded packets. Jumbo frame support on the Gigabit interfaces helps to ensure reliable data transmission, too. With this, you can set the switches to forward packets up to 9K in size before discarding them.

Fully manageable 

The integral Web server enables Web-based management via a Web browser. This GUI interface enables switch configuration, system dashboard, maintenance, and monitoring. The switch is fully managed, supporting SNMP version 1, 2c, and 3. The embedded RMON software agents support RMON groups 1 (history), 2 (statistics), 3 (alarms), and 9 (events). For easy deployment, LLDP/LLDP-MED features to aid the switch in discovering neighboring devices on a network. The wide range of management and support features also includes dual-image (primary and secondary) OS file backup, port mirroring for analysis, industry-standard sFlow switched network monitoring, UPnP for ease of device-to-device interoperability, and cable diagnostics. 

Support for VLANs and QoS 

The switch supports up to 4000 simultaneous VLANs for isolating guest traffic from your critical corporate network traffic. You can segment traffic with port-based, 802.1Q tag-based, or MAC-based VLANs. Plus, you can also program higher-layer classification and prioritization for reliable Quality of Service (QoS).802.1p Layer 2 QoS enables prioritization of time-sensitive applications, such as VoIP and video. 

Highly secure 

You get enterprise-class security features, too. In addition to the switch's VLAN support, it boasts 802.1X port-based network access control for authenticating devices connecting to your network. In addition, the switch supports SNMPv3 cryptographic security, SSH, and SSL for remote management via a connection that encrypts the packet content at each session. And by using its extensive ACLs (up to 256 entries total), you can keep guests or unauthorized users from accessing sensitive portions of your network. 


The Gigabit Ethernet Managed Switch features IEEE 802.3az energy-efficient Ethernet, which scales down power consumption during periods of low data activity. This feature adds energy savings of up to 50%. Plus, cable length detection adjusts signal strength to the cable length, reducing power consumption on shorter cable runs.

Tech Specs

CE Approval Yes
Connectors LGB1110A - (8) 10/100/1000-Mbps RJ-45, (2) dual-media ports 10/100/1000-Mbps RJ-45 and 100/1000 Mbps SFP Fiber, (1) RJ-45 serial console connection;
LGB1126A-R2 - (24) 10/100/1000-Mbps RJ-45, (2) dual-media ports 10/100/1000-Mbps RJ-45 and 100/1000 Mbps SFP Fiber, (1) RJ-45 serial console connection;
LGB1148A - (44) 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ-45, (4) dual-media ports 10/100/1000-Mbps RJ-45 and 100/1000 Mbps SFP Fiber, (1) RJ-45 serial console connection
Environmental Operating humidity: 10 to 90% noncondensing
Jumbo Frames Frame sizes up to 9 KB supported on Gigabit interfaces
MAC Addresses 8 K
Power Internal power supply: autosensing 100-240-VAC, 50-60 Hz
Size LGB1110A -1.7"H x 11"W x 6.5"D (4.4 x 28 x 16.6 cm);
LGB1126A-R2 - 1.7"H x 17.4"W x 8.3"D (4.4 x 44.2 x 21.1 cm);
LGB1148A - 1.7"H x 17.4"W x 11.8"D (4.4 x 44.2 x 30 cm)
Weight LGB1110A - 3.1 lb. (1.4 kg);
LGB1126A-R2 - 5.5 lb. (2.5 kg);
LGB1148A - 9.04lb. (4.1 kg)
Product Includes:
  • (1) AC power cord
  • (1) 19" rackmount kit
  • (1) DB9 to RJ-45 console cable
  • (1) URL direction sheet for quick start guide, user manual, and CLI

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