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KVM Switching and Extension

KVM, HD video and peripheral matrix switching gives users access to a variety of target devices, the ability to monitor workflow
and flexible control of visual and peripheral elements.

In addition to switching, you can extend your network with KVM extension. This enables you to place CPUs in cleaner and more secure locations than your workspace. Plus it extends switching anywhere from a few feet (over CATx cabling) to up to a few miles (over single-mode fiber). There are wireless options, too.

KVM saves you money, time, and space, and is appropriate for use in almost any computing or IT configuration.

Featured Solutions

KVM Switching
KVM Extension
KVM Trays & Accessories

Featured Solutions:


Instantaneous KVM switching

Real-time access to HD video signals, audio, USB and more.


Access up to four CPUs and monitor all simultaneously in real time

4-to-1 KVM switching with smooth real-time image processing.


Switch between systems by moving your cursor from screen to screen

Flexible 4-port solution for simplifying USB keyboard/mouse access to multiple computers.