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Broadcast & Media companies are evolving and making a rapid transition to cloud-based workflows and automating broadcast operations for program transmission, master control, news production, and live production. Today’s KVM technologies play a pivotal role in this transition allowing managers, editors, operators, and engineers to manage and rapidly reconfigure infrastructure, allowing ease of setup and configuration when time costs money. Black Box has extensive experience in developing KVM solutions for the Broadcast & Media Industry by working with clients to develop innovative KVM solutions.

Broadcasting Applications


Streamlined Broadcasting Workflow

KVM systems have long been one of the hidden foundations of a broadcast facility. They have evolved from being an occasional use tool for setup and troubleshooting into one of those infrastructure items that are used every moment of the day. Black Box KVM solutions deliver:

  • Improved operational workflow
  • Real-time access to any server from any user station



KVM supports end-to-end content acquisition and playout. Black Box KVM solutions deliver:

  • KVM switching ensures distribution of reliable digital image quality and fast switch-over of redundant hardware when required
  • KVM switching also makes sure there is redundant playout access by allowing users to connect to several backup playout servers



IP Broadcasting / IP Playout

Transitioning to IP allows remote access and control over IP. IP-based KVM provides access over the WAN to post-production video libraries. Black Box offers a simplified solution with managed receiver and transmitter extenders.


Remote Broadcasting

Like KVM systems used in other live production areas, the broadcast control room or stadium control room mobile operators are looking for flexibility and fast setup times. They have evolved from being an occasional use tool for setup and troubleshooting into one of those infrastructure items that are used every moment of the day. Today’s KVM system is one of the unseen elements that support the entire system. Black Box KVM solutions deliver:

  • Easy reconfiguration for each even and production team
  • Any seat configured for any production role

Broadcast & Post-Production Case Studies

German Public Television Station:Upgrading servers and Broadcast KVM systems.

Jan 24, 2020, 13:21 PM
A public television station in Southern Germany was planning the construction of its broadcasting center. The station turned to Black Box to expand existing capacity by replacing old hardware.
Company : German Public Television Station
Company link :

The Challenge

A public television station in Southern Germany was planning the construction of its broadcasting center. The station wanted  to expand existing capacity by replacing old hardware. Servers and KVM systems were to be upgraded to DVI video and USB interfaces for extension and switching.

The servers are located in a central equipment room. Several directing and editing rooms are connected to the servers via CATx and fiber cables. The workstations within the directing suites are equipped with one or two monitors. Some jobs also require a USB 2.0 connection for special input devices. The system needs to be controlled in real time and down to the BIOS level from the central equipment room via the KVM matrix switch. Additionally, the KVM system needs to work with an external matrix controller, which also handles automatically switching the broadcast signals.

The Solution

The broadcast station required switching and extension flexibility, the ability for multiple users to collaborate in real time, instantaneous switching of HD video, and a workflow that would not be interrupted. The broadcast company chose the Black Box DKM FX platform to implement the requirements, with the 288-port matrix switch controlling the signals required by the application. Within the 288 ports, the matrix switch features freely scalable inputs and outputs, plus the ability to mix copper and fiber cabling.

Using DKM FX extenders, users’ consoles, including multiple monitors and USB peripherals, are smoothly integrated into the KVM peripheral matrix switch system, which requires little space. The connections of the consoles and servers are, depending on the distance requirement by the building structure, transmitted via CATx or fiber, which has no effect on the signal quality, maintaining the same high level of resolution whatever distances or media are used. The final application includes 150 to 160 servers and 120 to 130 user consoles being freely connected and switched over the DKM FX platform.

The compilation of the servers for the individual directing rooms is nearly the same. This simplifies disaster recovery in an emergency. With assistance of the DKM FX and an external controller, all servers can be switched all together to another directing room, where users can then take over active control with no hesitation. Even directors don’t experience any problems, as their front-end remains unchanged. Thus the automated studio operation is ensured with the greatest individual flexibility.

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Broadcast Industry Customers



Post Production Applications

Streamlined Post Production Workflow

  •  Share content access between editing, dubbing and presentation suites
  •  Edit faster by enabling the use of advanced control surfaces

IP Live Production

  •  Access resources and servers in remote locations for quiet workstations

File-Based Workflows

  • Enable multiple user access to images and videos in various locations
  • Shorten editing cycles by making distance irrelevant

Post Production Feed Access and Distribution

  • Distribute images and video via fiber to multiple editors in various locations

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