Black Box Delivers Complete Business Communications Solutions with Mitel

SRV_L_partner_mitelBlack Box and Mitel deliver flexibility and simplicity in business communications systems for organizations of all sizes. Combined with a full range of managed services that include voice and data network design and traffic provisioning, custom application development, and attractive financing options, we are reinventing how successful organizations gain a competitive advantage by easily collaborating and communicating over distance and time with customers.

Mitel is a Black Box Cloud Communications Solutions partner. Our subscription services are highly flexible, delivering solutions with cutting-edge functionality. Whether you are replacing a premise-based system or extending the life of your existing PBX system, no additional IT investment is required.

Why Mitel Cloud Solutions from Black Box?

  • Get an in office experience no matter where you are.
  • Take the guess work out of your telecommunications system with intuitive and easy to use features.
  • Never miss a call with mobile twinning.
  • Add and change users in a snap: ready to power cloud communications solutions for any
    size business.
  • Assure business continuity: always on so that you can connect with your team and customers.
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