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In a corporate office or manufacturing environment, a robust, well-designed, enterprise-scale digital signage system promotes more efficient internal communication and offers a means for you to motivate teams to higher levels of productivity and performance. The Black Box iCOMPEL™ platform is a unified, scalable digital signage system that supports live streaming, data feeds and a variety of other content types, giving you the ability to market to facility visitors, and send out emergency notifications, in addition to standard internal communication.

  • Create the content that motivates your teams
  • Incorporate an emergency notification system for business
  • Introduce visitors to your facility and showcase your products and services to them
  • Improve internal communication with HR and other messaging on office digital signage
  • Provide wayfinding support with searchable maps for upcoming events

Benefits of the iCOMPEL Digital Signage Solution for Corporate Office and Manufacturing Facilities

Corporate Digital Signage - KPI Display

Motivate Teams with Real-Time KPI Display

Incent your sales, production and other teams with a little healthy competition. The iCOMPEL digital signage system supports live streaming and data feeds, enabling you to display their accomplishment level towards KPIs live in their work areas to boost productivity. In addition, the system accepts a variety of other content, including local news and weather feeds for display in break rooms and promotional video up to 4K UHD on your company’s products and services for display in lobbies and other customer-facing areas.




Corporate Digital Signage - Enhance Communications

Save Time While Enhancing Communication

Improve your company’s internal communication with the iCOMPEL digital signage system. Office digital signage makes an ideal medium for sharing messages from human resources. In addition, you can communicate upcoming events with searchable maps so employees can quickly locate work functions, saving time and minimizing work disruption. iCOMPEL is easy to use and can handle 10,000+ screen deployments, so you can ensure that your entire team — from the corporate headquarters to offices, stores and production facilities around the world — stays in the loop with your unified messages.




Corporate Digital Signage - Emergency Response

Manage Emergency Response

Create a safer work environment by using your iCOMPEL Digital Signage System as an emergency notification system. Depending on the situation, emergency alerts can be pushed company-wide or customized on an ad hoc basis at a specific local facility as appropriate. Instant, real-time content updates eliminate delays when seconds count, such as in extreme weather events or other emergencies.

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