Swisscom is Switerzerland’s leading telecomunications provider with almost 4.9 million mobile customers, approximately 5.25 million fixed lines, and almost 1.6 million broadband connections. Swisscom offers IP network management to hoteliers and high-speed Internet-based services to guests and clients of the hospitality industry across Europe and North America. Its hospitality services, including conference services business, business center solutions, and guestroom high-speed Internet, enable hotel guests to keep in touch and work productively when on the move.


Black Box installs Swisscom’s Wi-Fi® access points in locations such as hotels, railway stations, airports, serviced office complexes, and coffee shops across the U.K. and Europe. A major part of the work involves providing wireless connectivity to hotels, with many sites requiring complete coverage, including common areas and guest rooms. 


Once tasked with a project, Black Box surveys the site and compiles a report for Swisscom on the most effective way to provide wireless coverage across the given location. This includes the number of access points required to ensure coverage, cable routes, etc. The next stage in the process involves Black Box carrying out installation and provisioning, and leaving the system ready for testing.

Black Box also provides an SLA/Maintenance Contract for the Wi-Fi sites, with a specialist team carrying out emergency maintenance, routine service, and regular upgrades. “The maintenance programs run like clockwork and we have regular update meetings with the project managers,” says Jet Jassar, Deployment Manager, Swisscom Hospitality Services.


Swisscom has worked with Black Box for almost five years now, the longevity of the relationship can be attributed to Black Box’s strengths in the following areas:

• Working above and beyond: “Black Box often goes beyond our strict guidelines, feeding back valuable information to us, which we rely on to help us make our Wi-Fi installations even better,” says Jet.

• Broad coverage: Black Box has engineers across the country.

• Trusted partner: “Black Box and its engineers have excellent relationships with our own staff,” says Jet. “In fact, the Black Box engineers are almost considered part of the company. They get trained alongside our own people, either here or in Geneva, and always bend over backwards to help us. The relationship is so good we allow them access to our own internal tools and software for a seamless working relationship. We trust them with these and it means we save so much of our engineering time.”

• Staff continuity: “This is important for both the working relationship and knowledge retention in the fast-moving area of wireless communications,” says Jet.

• Swift problem resolution: “Black Box is always there in an emergency to help you put things right,” says Jet