South Carolina Bank and Trust, N.A.




South Carolina


Growth and market expansion are important goals of South Carolina Bank and Trust (SCBT). The bank’s success in achieving these goals has tripled its operations over the past ten years. Part of the plan included moving the corporation’s headquarters from Orangeburg, SC to the state capital, Columbia, to give the company a much more noticeable presence in the Columbia market. 

Rather than lease space, the bank decided to build a new, four-story, 56,000-square-foot building in downtown Columbia. The new building was designed to accommodate the bank’s executives, local personnel, a branch office, and leased tenant space. For the headquarters’ cabling infrastructure and PBX/voice systems, the bank used the provider it has relied on for more than a decade: Black Box. During that time, SCBT and Black Box built a solid relation-ship based on quality service and quick turnarounds on moves, adds, and changes (MACs) and maintenance.


The headquarters’ project presented a number of challenges. The most critical factor was designing a cabling infrastructure and voice system that would support the bank’s needs for years to come. Because uptime is crucial, the bank needed systems that would be reliable day in and day out. And, for efficiency and excellent customer service, the bank wanted a network with enough bandwidth for high-speed, high-volume data transfer. 


Black Box, working with SCBT, planned, designed, and engineered systems that would best serve the bank’s needs. SCBT chose to install Black Box’s Guaranteed-for-Life Structured Cabling System, which includes BLACK BOX® brand cables, racks, patch panels, converters, switches, and more. The Guaranteed-for-Life system offers Application Assurance. Once the system is designed, installed, tested, and certified, Black Box guarantees that it will do the job for which it was designed—for life.


After reviewing different options, SCBT chose a 10BASE-T Ethernet and Fibre Channel network. This would give it the ability to transfer large amounts of data quickly. The network consists of fiber optic backbone cable and Category 5e horizontal cable for both voice and data. Other cabling includes coax cable for video capabilities. 

The infrastructure project began in September 2002 and was completed by December 2002. The installation ran on strict schedules that were coordinated with other vendors, such as the construction and finishing crews.

For easier management, the project was handled through a single Black Box account manager. This enabled SCBT to get progress reports or make changes by contacting one person rather than multiple people.

In February 2003, the new bank headquarters opened. The building features state-of-the-art computer and telephone systems, and it’s considered one of the most modern buildings in Columbia. SCBT continues to rely on Black Box for MAC work, and preventative and emergency maintenance services.

Black Box offered SCBT a true One Source™ solution for its new headquarters from design to maintenance.