Integrated Communications Company






The client is an integrated communications company providing cable TV, digital interactive TV, analog TV, broadband Internet, cable telephony, and wireless services. The company is a leading multimedia provider in Canada with almost 2 million customers.


Over the past few years, the integrated communications company has experienced tremendous growth, nearly doubling the number of its call center agents from 850 to more than 1500 in 18 months. To handle the increased volume of business, the company knew it had to expand and upgrade its aging Aspect® CallCenter® automatic call distributor (ACD). After exploring various systems and vendors, the company decided to go with Black Box, a trusted vendor that had already been supporting the company’s call centers. The new system would be an advanced version of the Aspect system, which Black Box would install and support.


The Black Box team worked closely with the communications company on the implementation plan for installing and switching over to the new system at three different call center locations. An important factor was building in room to grow at all centers. Together, Black Box and the company designed the new call center system based on a redundant Aspect ACD with call routing software with Aspect Contact Server computer telphony integration (CTI). Black Box installed all the cabling and equipment for the new system, and the changeover went smoothly. In fact, the expanded call centers turned out so well, the parent company of Black Box’s client is now using the company’s call centers’ infrastructure to support other call center operations.

Part of the new system included setting up 200 call center users for VoIP communications. The plan is to continually expand and add more users to the VoIP system. Critically important to the project was a seamless crossover to the new system with no downtime. Black Box accomplished this with no problem.


Black Box is currently in the process of adding agents to the call center and an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for the company. This will enable the company to route and respond to customer inquiries more efficiently.

Black Box currently supports approximately 1500 call center agents via our support center, local technicians, and operations management. Plus, Black Box stocks mission-critical spare equipment. Black Box also takes care of system maintenance and regularly sends technicians on-site.