North Carolina




A major health system in North Carolina consists of multiple hospitals, health centers, and outpatient clinics. With more than 7400 employees, the system provides comprehensive patient care and serves as a teaching facility.

Black Box started working with the health system as a secondary vendor doing occasional moves, adds, and changes (MACs). The work progressed so well that within two months, Black Box earned primary vendor status. This led to a large project in which Black Box provided the structured cabling for a renovated five-story hospital wing. 


Not long afterwards, the health system opened a new, standalone Emergency Department including a trauma center. The three-story building has patient care facilities on the first floor and medical offices on the upper floors. Black Box was chosen to install the voice and data cabling for 300 workstations in the building. The technical analyst for the health system opted for an infrastructure designed for long-term operability. The cabling consisted of a fiber backbone and CAT6 horizontal wiring. Black Box provided all the cabling and the connectivity hardware. 


The project proved challenging. Black Box Team Members worked in an exposed building during winter, and change orders included adding more workstations and cabling for wireless access points. In addition, Black Box’s installation schedule had to be carefully planned around those of other construction crews and service providers working on-site.

But the most daunting challenge came from the general contractor. Because of an upcoming inspection, the nursing area of the center needed to be done at least a week and a half sooner than planned! Black Box was notified on a Thursday. Black Box responded by committing that the work would be done by Monday. No one, including the general contractor, construction management, and the technical analyst for the health system, believed it would be done. But the entire Black Box team pulled together and went to work in the building. Only one person stayed behind at the Black Box office to answer the phones. The team worked late into Friday night and finished the job on time and as promised. 


During this time, the health system had another high-profile project in the works: a renovation of a pediatric ER in a different hospital. Both projects were going live within approximately two weeks of each other. Black Box handled the structured cabling renovation for the second project while balancing the work on the first. The data/voice infrastructure also consisted of a fiber backbone and CAT6 copper cabling. This project though posed a major challenge in that there was existing cabling to be dealt with in a very crowded overhead. But Black Box pulled it off. As the health system’s technical analyst commented, “That work is nothing less than a miracle.”