Slim-Net 28-AWG CAT6/CAT6A Ethernet Patch Cable

slimnet, 28 awg, ethernet patch cable

Optimize space and cable handling in crowded cabinets, high-density data centers and telecom rooms with smaller Ethernet cables. 

Sleek. Efficient. Dependable. Black Box’s Slim-Net 28-AWG CAT6/CAT6A Ethernet Patch cable is a small cable with big benefits.  This patch cable will quickly become a team and client favorite. With a diameter of only .161”, 28-AWG cable is almost half the size of a 24-AWG cable.  When you calculate the physical cable area, you’ll actually save more than 50% space when compared to traditional cables. Choose from seven lengths and seven colors of cables to fit your business needs. Black Box’s Slim-Net 28-AWG patch cables are available in both CAT6 cables and CAT6A cables.

Slimnet, 28 AWG, Ethernet Patch Cable

Save space

Gain almost 50% more space in front of equipment and in cable pathways. Perfect for high-density and complicated installs. Reduce clutter and increase efficiency in your server spaces.

Slimnet, 28AWG, patch cables

Improve Airflow

Thinner cables mean more open space. More open space means better airflow and equipment cooling, which equals optimal performance from your machines. 

Slimnet, 28 AWG, Cat6, Cat6A, patch cables

Handle easily

Smaller Ethernet cables are easier to patch, saving valuable time and labor. Small Ethernet cables also provide a clearer view of port assignments, making installs and MACs go more smoothly.

Slimnet, 28 AWG, Patch Cable

Reduce cable management

Slim-Net Ethernet patch cables save you time, labor, and equipment costs.  With a bend radius that’s 70% tighter, you can easily route cables without horizontal cable managers.

Be assured of top-quality, guaranteed-for-life performance for today’s network applications. 

Big performance

Black Box 28-AWG cables conform to all 568-C.2 specs, pass all tests, and are guaranteed for life.

Run PoE

Black Box 28-AWG cable supports all of today’s PoE standards: IEEE 802.3af PoE, IEEE 802.3at PoE+, and IEEE 802.3bt PoE++.

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