Pre-Terminated Fiber Cable

Fiber cables plugged into switch

Any Strand. Any Connector. Any Length. Any Time.

Never waste time or money terminating fiber cable in the field again. Save yourself and your team lot of time and trouble, and eliminate all performance worries with pre-terminated fiber cable from Black Box. You’ll get top-quality fiber cable that’s built to your exact specs, fully tested, and shipped ready for installation so you can take care of business. Just plug in and go, we’ll take care of the loose ends. Fiber optic cable termination will never feel like a hassle again. Trust Black Box to save your team valuable time with pre-terminated fiber optic cables. 




Lower Total Cost

Forget about expensive connectors, consumables, and equipment, plug the labor, time, and testing required for field fiber optic cable termination. Our pre-terminated fiber optic cables save where it counts. Black Box fiber cables make termination simple.


Proven Performance

Get top performance with no field termination errors.All Black Box pre-terminated fiber cables undergo extensive inspection and testing and come with a lifetime guarantee. Depend on Black Box for all of your fiber cable needs.

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Quick Turnaround

Who has time to wait? Get the fiber cables you need—when you need them. Most Black Box pre-terminated fiber cables are turned around in less than a week— sometimes even in a day. Never be at the mercy of waiting for cables to arrive again. 

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Faster Deployments

Cut installation time and labor costs by 70 to 80% with pre-terminated fiber cable. Because it arrives ready for work, deployments are as easy as plug-n-play. Fiber optic termination made easy.


Fiber Cables Your Way

Get exactly what you want. Just specify the core, cable type, jacket, connector, strand count, breakout, labeling, staggering, and if you want a pulling eye. With Black Box, your fiber cable solutions feel custom made for you and your team. 

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Discover the Benefits of Factory Pre-terminated Fiber     
See how pre-terminated fiber cable is manufactured in this short video highlighting the entire process from termination to testing.