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Complete Control Room Solutions from Black Box

Black Box has you covered in the new age of control rooms where remote access, 4k over IP and high-end display solutions are no longer nice to have but required for efficient, fail-safe operation. With our complete line of control room solutions, you can build for today and tomorrow at your own pace with all of the scalability, redundancy and flexibility you demand. Our technology is built for your future. 
Our clients trust our comprehensive, future-proof products in the most mission-critical computing environments on earth because they provide complete control of workflows, situational awareness and decision making. Let our 40 years of experience put you in control.

  • Integrate, manage and add peripherals/users at a moment’s notice
  • Share content remotely and locally to any device, anywhere
  • Simultaneously operate in secure and unsecure domains with real-time instant switching
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Why Black Box?

Complete Visualization

Complete Visualization

Make decisions from a common operating picture or shared display.

Complete Connectivity

Complete Connectivity

Rely on proven connectivity for all of your networking, cables, AV and infrastructure needs.

Complete Control

Complete Control

Simplify signal management, switching and extension and remote sharing from anywhere, at any time.


Control Room Solution Features

Signal Switching & Extension

Switch, extend and share access to remote computers through Emerald® Unified KVM and manage video signal routing and extension to multiple displays with our complete line of KVM solutions.

Operator Workspace & Control

Enable operators to work faster with a single keyboard/mouse and touch-panel control for multiple systems and servers.

Visualization & Collaboration

Improve situational awareness and make better decisions with real-time data display for multi-user and multi-site workflows with video wall processing.

Remote Sharing & Control

Manage your command center’s control rooms from anywhere and share content to remote users on any device with real-time KVM over WAN.

Next-Gen Connectivity

Enhance visuals and audio with professional-grade, guaranteed-for-life AV connectivity solutions.

Fail-Safe Networks

Take full control of your network with redundant networking features and future-proof technology.


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