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Black Box Deal Registration

Register your deal for price protection and larger System Integrator discounts.

We want to reward our system integrators that lead with Black Box.

  • The Black Box Deal Registration Program is available to all of our authorized system integrators.
  • If you have a new opportunity for an end-user, register your deal with the Black Box Deal Registration Program and receive exclusive pricing protection for that particular project / deal for 90 days.  (Extensions are available upon request, if warranted.)
  • Utilize the Black Box Deal Registration Program to receive system integrator discounts.

Deal registration starts at $5,000 for Commercial, State and Local Government, Education (SLED) and Federal Government deals. 

As a bonus, we’re currently offering an additional 5% for any new registration that closes by March 31, 2017*.

If you have additional questions about Deal Registration or need help filling out the form please contact your Black Box Account Manager or your Distributor.

Terms and Conditions:

Black Box reserves the right to change this program at any time. Projects must be registered with Black Box before an RFP/RFQ release. Qualifying projects must be registered for an end-user and rollouts are eligible. There is a 24–72 hour approval process on submissions based upon business day in which the deal is registered.  

*This offer does not apply, nor can it be added, to any previously registered projects.




Have questions or need help?

Contact your account manager, or contact the Channel Manager at:

Brian Kutchma
VP Sales & Marketing, Marketing Management
Phone: 724-873-6719
Fax: 724-873-6674

Or you can fill out our System Integrator Enrollment Application.