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AV CAbles

Enhance sight and sound with guaranteed-for-life audio/visual cables.

The right cable makes the difference between great communications and OK audio and visuals. For the best communications, use professional-grade cables for AV and multimedia connectivity in every environment and application, including sophisticated enterprise systems, campus distribution for health, education, and government, industrial monitoring, and simple retail displays.

Black Box analog and digital AV cabling meets all standards, has gold plating to prevent corrosion, tightly soldered connectors to prevent loose connections, and proper shielding to prevent interference.

AV Adapters
Connect digital and analog source devices and displays that have different connector interfaces.
Black Box offers cables with RCA, 3.5-mm, and TOSLINK connectors for digital and analog audio.
Black Box offers cables with all popular connectors for digital and analog video.  
 Thin and flexible, AOCs support DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0 specifications, and transmit UHD-quality video signals.

AV Cable Installation Tips

  1. Check the connectors on your equipment to determine what cable you need.
  2.  Measure the cable run. You want enough slack to be able to access the rear of equipment, but not enough so that you have loops of extra cable.
  3. Avoid bending, kinking, or stretching the cable, which can damage the conductors.
  4. Label your cables.
  5. Keep power cords away from signal cords to minimize interference