Video Switches

Video switches for easy video signal distribution.

Because managing your video signal distribution should be easy, we have the solution for you. Select from an assortment of video switchers for multiple input/output configurations. Available in multiple form factors (single output or matrix) and resolution capabilities.

2 x 1 DisplayPort Switch
Switch two or four AV sources to a single display.
4 x 1 DVI Switch with Audio


Route AV signals from multiple sources to one or more displays.
4 x 1 HDMI Switch with 3.5-mm Audio & Serial Control
Switch AV signals between up to eight HDMI devices.
Modular Video Matrix Switcher - 16 x 16
Control an array of AV signals with flexibility and simplicity.
4 x 1 VGA Switch with Serial and Audio
Switch between multiple AV sources for output to one or more VGA displays.