Video Extenders

Maximize your signal without the need for expensive cabling.

Send video and audio signals farther than conventional cables without the need for expensive cabling. Our video extenders enable you to deliver pixel-perfect video and high-quality audio to remote displays.

componentComponent Video Extender

Extend high-resolution component video the economical way.

compositeComposite Video Extender

Extend composite video over fiber to remote displays.

dviDVI Extender

Extend DVI video from a PC or other source devices to remote displays.

hdmiHDMI Extender

Extend HDMI video from a PC or other source devices to remote displays.

IPIP Video Extender

Extend video and audio over your local area network.

SDISDI Video Extender

Extend high-quality SDI video over an Ethernet network or fiber to remote displays.

s-videoS-Video Extender

Run multiple combinations of AV signals to remote locations over CAT5 cable.

vgaVGA Video Extender

Extend VGA video and audio signals to remote displays.

accessoriesVideo Extender Accessories

Select from a variety of AV power supplies and rack mount kits for extenders.


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Video Extender Selector
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