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The right equipment to inspect, monitor, certify, upgrade, and troubleshoot CATx, fiber, serial, and PoE network links.
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Find everything you need to repair, install, and terminate CATx, fiber, serial, and PoE network cabling.
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Black Box products can be conveniently purchased through a broad range of qualified distributors and resellers located around the globe

Black Box Explains...     
Using Optical Break Locators and OTDRs
An optical time-domain reflectometer, or OTDR, is an instrument used to analyze optical fiber.
Black Box Explains...     
Testing and Certifying Fiber
If you’re accustomed to certifying copper cable, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to certify fiber optic cable because it’s immune to electrical interference.

Thanks to the entire Black Box family. Not only are your products wonderful, but the staff has demonstrated to be extremely skilled and knowledgeable at what they do. 

Mo Harouny
Software Engineer, Athena Engineering, Inc.