Acuity™ Micro Data Center and Communication Hub

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Versatile and Agile Edge Solution

Acuity™ is the 100% American made micro data center created for fast, efficient remote and edge communications. Acuity delivers critical capabilities including data security, ease-of-use, and superior voice, video, and messaging functionality.

  • Built to quickly deliver essential communication to locations worldwide
  • Weighs only 30 pounds, making it portable and easy to transport
  • Ruggedized PC cards can withstand extreme temperatures, sand and dust

What is Acuity?

Acuity is an edge processor and a communication system, all in one portable and ruggedized system.

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Edge Processor

  • Gather and analyze data at the source
  • Remotely operate applications and servers running on the main command center
  • Self-synchronizing database
  • Built-in high-performance mobile router
  • Secure vector routing removes the dependency upon static overlays with optimized dynamic routed multi-cloud interconnects
Port Security

Communications System

  • Tactical communications allow for the conveyance of information from the field to a central location
  • Secure with zero-trust security capabilities and active directory
  • Reach-back connectivity to the main data center or command center
  • Unified communications available from email to intelligent media routing to video conferencing
Remote Environmental Monitoring

Portable & Rugged

  • SWaP (Size Weight and Power) optimized
  • Not susceptible to varying environmental conditions
  • Load balancing and failover optimize resources

Acuity Advantages

Acuity is the S.M.A.R.T choice for limited communication conditions caused by natural disasters, acts of war or remote field locations that in the past necessitated it taking weeks or even months to set up reliable communication.



Built from the ground up with software-defined architecture which utilizes an intelligent orchestration tool for centralized management that simplifies the setup and operation of the mobile micro data center.



Combines best-in-class technology with mobility and efficiency to ensure readiness in a single form factor. It weighs only 30lbs. and fits in commercial airline overhead storage.



Critical components such as the cards, OS, application suite, kernel-based virtual machine (KVM), and SD-WAN are independent of the card or box on which they reside.



Works autonomously in Disrupted, Intermittent, and Limited (DIL) environments and can withstand adverse terrains such as extreme temperature, sand, and dust. Can operate from -25 to 135° F. The server blades are waterproof and supports worldwide commercial power autosensing.



Data collection, processing, and analysis can occur locally and expeditiously, empowering users to make well-informed, mission-critical decisions in real time.


Acuity Use Case Example

Acutity Use Case Diagram

Key Acuity Features

Converge voice, data and video on a single network for fast, effective communication and processing

Operationally Flexible

Can be repurposed from an edge device to the main data center or command and control unit in the event of unexpected operational changes

Reach back capabilities, automated scaling based on bandwidth and autonomous data center functionality available

Communication capabilities can be a stand-alone secure communication hub or added to existing infrastructure

Ruggedized Hardware

Only moving parts are the LTE/WiFi collapsible antennas and fans to dissipate heat from the system

All equipment meets unified capabilities requirements (UCR2013) and are MIL-STD-810 G certified

Every model supports worldwide commercial power autosensing

Leading Edge

The distributed nature of the software results in “built-in” redundancy, load balancing, scalability and high availability delivered in a secure manner as proven and certified by the US Department of Defense

Networking Platform provides an automated and intuitive security policy framework that aligns security policies and defenses with the services and resources you wish to protect


More Acuity Information

As a technology exchange partner with DISA, NSA, and DHS, Black Box continues to drive technology to do more with less equipment, manpower, and time. The Acuity Micro Data Center is evidence of years of development culminating in a specialized platform that will greatly improve agency responsiveness while driving cost savings.

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