Media Converters

A media converter for every cable and every application.

Media converters enable you to connect different types of media (twisted pair, fiber, coax) within a network. Most common usage is to insert fiber segments into copper networks. This gives you the ability extend your Ethernet network beyond the 100-meter limit imposed by copper cable.  

Largest selection of commercial and industrial media converters.

  • For enterprise-wide systems, choose from chassis-based media converters.
  • To connect VoIP phones or take fiber to the desktop, select mini media converters that tuck behind your PC.
  • To power distant wireless access points and security cameras, choose PoE converters.
  • You can even add 10-Gig extension with media converters.
10-GbE Media Converter
Ideal for linking a switch via a 10-GbE Ethernet link to a fiber backbone for extended distance. Choose from desktop and chassis-based models.
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Commercial Media Converter
Choose from a wide variety of modular chassis-based converters and compact, standalone media converters for copper, fiber, T1/E1, and coax cable.
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Industrial Media Converter
Designed to operate in extreme temperatures, these converters have IP-rated cases, and for maximum redundancy, many offer multiple power options.
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Choose from a wide variety of managed and unmanaged modular media converters that work alone or in convenient rack mount chassis.
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Media Converter PC Adapter
Bring fiber-based Ethernet to the desktop. Choose from Gigabit and super-fast 10-Gigabit PCI-E adapter cards with copper, fiber, and SFP ports.
Media Converter PoE
Extend your Ethernet network over fiber and power distant wireless access points, security cameras, sensors, and other PoE devices.
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