Ensure network uptime and business continuity with console servers. Console servers work with your network equipment, such as switches, routers, and servers that have RS-232 console ports for out-of-band management. They are often connected to a management network that’s separate from the data network. They can also be set up for out-of-band management using cellular wireless, POTs modems, Ethernet LAN/WAN, or an internet connection.

Commercial console servers are ideal for organizations with multiple remote sites and branch offices but with few or no on-site staff available to resolve problems. With console servers, problems can be monitored from headquarters. 
Console Server - 32 Port

Advanced encryption keeps all connection communications secure. Protect against unauthorized access via IP address, password or account. 

console server - 8-port

These advanced console servers feature dual Ethernet ports plus modems to ensure high availability and redundancy. 

Console server -wireless

Integral GSM or CDMA modems enable you to access remote serial devices over a cellular network.

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Ensure Business Continuity with Black Box Console Servers