Choose from a wide selection for GigaStation, Gigastation2, GigaStation Plus wallplates, as well as stainless, shielded, A/V, and other wallplates. Custom wallplates are available with custom punches and custom connectors for specific applications, such as multimedia.

Angled wallplates, wallplates


The 45° downward angle prevents cables from being damaged by furniture pushed too close to the wall and maintains the cable’s proper bend radius.

wallplates, shielded wallplates


These shielded wallplates are designed to provide optimal outlet separation to reduce Alien Crosstalk.

Coupler, wallplates


Mount modular couplers on the wall or in a surface-mount boxes.

Easy Audio Video, wallplates

Easy A/V

Use these stylish boxed to easily embed ports and a power outlet in a conference room table.

gigastation front loading modular, wallplate

GigaStation Front-Loading Modular

GigaStation front-loading modular wall plates work with GigaTrue® CAT6 jacks and GigaBase® CAT5e jacks.

wallplate inserts, wallplates, jack frames


A collection of outlet jack frames and wallplate inserts

modular, wallplates


Plug in your RJ-11 cables.