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Black Box Plays Vital Role in Safeguarding Government Entities from Cyberattacks

Mon. Sep 17, 2018


New Black Box NIAP 3.0-Certified Secure KVM Switching Technology Provides Protection for Multiple High-Profile U.S. Department of Defense and Top-Security Civilian Agencies


PITTSBURGH, Sept. 5, 2018 – Black Box Corporation (NASDAQ: BBOX), a leading digital solutions provider, today announced that three leading Government entities have selected Black Box to deliver NIAP 3.0-Certified Secure KVM Solutions to ensure data transmission, classified and unclassified peripherals and physical networking are secure. Black Box is working with the largest military agencies within the DoD, as well as primary U.S. federal and international intelligence enforcement agencies, to enhance and solve necessary cyber protection issues through secure switching. Black Box has been chosen because of its broad line of Secure KVM products, including the industry's first and only NIAP 3.0 Certified-KVM Matrix Switch and KVM Protector.

"Government, DoD and civilian agencies are tasked to develop sophisticated strategies to protect their network enclaves, intelligence and fusion centers and Network Operations Centers (NOCs) while combating cyberattacks. To serve their needs, we provide the broadest range of KVM technology, meeting the highest security profile," explains John Hickey, R&D & KVM Systems Director at Black Box. "By leveraging our breadth of line, we are able to help government agencies achieve peace of mind and workstation efficiency in many areas."

Black Box's NIAP 3.0-Certified KVM suite allows isolation of each computer source with shared peripheral access to protect classified information against accidental transfer, unauthorized access or compromise of data. The suite includes:

  • Secure KVM Matrix Switches – Enable multiple users to connect to multiple secure computers.
  • Secure KVM Switches – Improve workspace ergonomics for single-user, single- or dual-monitor workstations with 4K video support.
  • Secure KVM Multi-Viewer – Enable secure access and multi-computer viewing on a single screen.
  • Secure KVM Protector – Prevent data leakage and intrusion through shared peripherals within KVM matrix systems. Perfect for existing, unprotected systems with unguarded peripherals, such as AV equipment in conference rooms.
  • Secure KM Switches – Enable a single user to control information and freely move a mouse across four or eight secure monitors/computers.

Black Box NIAP 3.0-Certified Secure KVM Switches help users with limited space maintain a safe and clean workspace by letting them access multiple remote computers from one keyboard and mouse and up to four monitors. All Black Box Secure KVM Switches comply with PSS PP v3.0 (Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switch, Version 3.0) and are certified by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), making them ideal for use in government, medical, banking, insurance, secure control rooms, educational administration, corporate, industrial and other environments with cybersecurity, hacking and data leakage concerns. They are TAA and BAA compliant. 
For additional information about Black Box's Secure KVM Product Line, visit the Secure KVM Landing Page.


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