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Black Box Technology Certified for Maritime Navigation, Meeting International IEC 60945 Standard

Mon. Jun 05, 2017


Select, high-performance KVM products are now pre-certified to be applied in a vessel’s wheel house, as well as engine and technology rooms, optimizing on- and offshore navigation and communication.


PITTSBURGH, PA – May 2, 2017 – Black Box (NASDAQ:BBOX), the trusted digital partner for global connectivity solutions and technology expertise, today announced that, following rigorous testing, a series of its KVM products now meet the requirements of international standard IEC 60945. The specification certifies navigation and radio communication equipment and systems for use in maritime applications.

The shipbuilding and ship-operating  industry relies on KVM technology to optimize IT installations, monitoring and control both on and off shore. KVM matrix switches operate hundreds of computers over one or more consoles. KVM multiview enables simultaneous monitoring and management of multiple computers.

Applications range from maritime control rooms to accessing radar and GPS systems on multiple bridge control stations. KVM extension solutions also link technical equipment rooms to bridges, and manage control processes of any kind and on any type of vessel, including dredgers, luxury cruise liners and sea freight containers.

The international standard IEC 60945 is designed to ensure security, quality and reliability of mission-critical navigation and communication. It is issued only after stringent tests are completed on security, the environment (temperature extremes; vibration) and electromagnetic compatibility.

IEC 60945 accreditation means Black Box KVM tools are ready to be deployed from engine rooms to the wheel house.

“Black Box has worked for the maritime industry for some time and has helped customers perform their own critical equipment tests,” said John Hickey, senior director of research and development and KVM systems at Black Box.

From its fleet of KVM products, Black Box selected technologies from two product families to receive IEC 60945 tests and accreditation. The specific products are:

    • Both support a variety of power supply options with a chassis that can hold up to six DKM modular cards.
  • ACX1MT-DHID-C: DVI-D, USB HID, CATx Transmitter and Receiver;
  • ACX1MT-DHID-2C: DVI-D, USB HID, Dual CATx Transmitter and Receiver
    • Both can be installed in the DKM modular housing chassis.
  • ACXC48: 48-Port Compact DKM Switch
    • Enables matrix switching and management for DKM extenders.
  • KVP4004: Multiviewer KVM Switch
    • Provides access to up to four CPUs that can be monitored simultaneously in real time.

Learn more about Black Box’s IEC 60945 accreditation in this blog post.

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