Embrace Digital Transformation in the Enterprise with UCC

Transform the way people work and interact at the intelligent digital edge with Unified Communications & Collaboration. It means interconnecting sites, more mobility, smoother operations, easier collaboration, better customer engagement, faster messaging and better communications. Whether you are new to UCC, migrating from a traditional voice solution or extending UCC, Black Box can help. We are the trusted leader in UCC and maintain partnerships with all top-tier industry providers. Our vendor-independent approach ensures we can easily match your needs with the right UCC solution.


The right partner makes a smart office evolution easy
at the Intelligent Digital Edge


Get an overview of how the intelligent digital edge fuels digital transformation for enterprises across all industries.

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Follow these essential five steps to digitally transform your office to a technology-friendly smart office.

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Multiple Locations

Find out how to connect people and technologies to drive business growth


Comprehensive UCC Solutions

From sunset and migration services and network infrastructures built for the future
to global rolloutswith minimum disruption, we can help you every step of the way.

Sunset Services
Network Management
Transformation Services
Global Rollouts
Managed Services
Network Infrastructure

Embrace the Edge with Black Box

Mobility - Single location
Services Single Location

Support tens of thousands of wireless devices in dynamic environments.

Black Box - Multiple locations
Multiple Locations

Create uniform experiences across 1,000s of locations.

Black Box Mobility

A custom plan is the heart of your Smart Office solution designed to scale across your enterprise and deployed by skilled technicians.


Continuous monitoring allows for an optimized experience and updates on your mobility solution.