TPS Kudos Program

What is the Kudos program?

The Kudos program is set up to recognize individuals within TPS for going "above and beyond" the normal requirements. Please be as specific as possible when submitting your Kudos comments.

A winner is selected each quarter and will receive a $50 Amazon gift card, a preferential parking spot, and Boxey store item of their choice!

Kudos Submission Guidelines

Please provide a specific example as to why you are giving a Kudos.

Remember that submissions are judged by:

  • Measurable business impact
  • How they went above their normal job requirements

Example: Mary went above her normal job duties, by taking it upon herself to run an analysis on customer returns. She found out the root cause was a process issue and was able to recommend a solution, which led to an overall decrease in returns.

Note: All fields are required for this to be a valid submission.

Kudos Form

Thank you for filling out our kudos form. Your submission has successfully been sent to HR and will be reviewed shortly.