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AV & Digital Signage

IP-Based Video Distribution, Switching, and Video Wall Control

Discover how MediaCento IPX enables you to transmit HDMI video and audio over an Ethernet network to a virtually unlimited number of screens as far as your network reaches. Add in the controller, and the system becomes an IP-based matrix switch and video wall controller.

VideoPlex4 Overview

See why this video wall controller is the simple way to create stunning and unique video walls.

Explore The Potential of a Radian-Powered Video Wall

The Radian™ video wall processor is an advanced visualization platform that improves situational awareness in control rooms, command centers, situation rooms, and mission-critical operations centers.

What is Digital Signage? An Introduction to Digital Signage

Learn how to get started setting up your own digital signage system.

iCOMPEL demo:
How to access and set up your iCOMPEL (Part 1)

Learn how to access and set IP settings on an iCOMPEL digital signage player. The video explains the differences between DHCP and static IP addresses and how they can be configured on the player.

iCOMPEL demo:
Find documentation and general settings (Part 2)

Learn where to find manual documentation for your iCOMPEL digital signage player, as well as how to access general settings for user interface options, screen setup, and date/time setup.

iCOMPEL demo:
Content supported by the platform (Part 3)

Find out what content the iCOMPEL digital signage player supports, including the types of formats for movies and images, as well as the type of text (fixed, scrolling, and RSS feed) and HTML. Also, get recommendations on how to add text into the platform's text editor.

iCOMPEL demo:
Creating layouts (Part 4)

Discover how to set the layout canvas size for your iCOMPEL digital signage player, upload content, design your own screen layout, add content to the layout, and make your layout play.

iCOMPEL demo:
Creating schedules (Part 5)

See how easy it is to create schedules for the iCOMPEL digital signage player. Schedules are used to determine when and how long layouts should play on your signage.

iCOMPEL demo:
Perform maintenance/ troubleshooting (Part 6)

Discover the ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting functions of the iCOMPEL digital signage player.

iCOMPEL demo:
Set up a publisher and subscriber (Part 7)

Learn how to set up the iCOMPEL publisher and subscriber units. Get an explanation of the function performed by each and discover what's required to display unique content on different screens.

iCOMPEL demo:
Advanced Features (Part 8)

This video explains some of the advanced features like Folder Play, Adhoc, Captioning, Conditional Play, and Advance To and Rendezvous Points.

AV over IP

Using an IP-based video distribution platform, such as the MediaCento IPX, provides a whole new level of scalability compared to existing proprietary and coax systems.

Digital Signage for the Harshest Environments

The unique sealed and fanless construction of these Q Series digital signage players works where other signage appliances would be vulnerable to airborne particles.

Understanding Video Compression Part 1

What is it and How Does it Impact Your Image Quality and Bandwidth Consumption?

Understanding Video Compression Part 2

Learn how video is constructed and how video compression works.

Understanding Video Compression Part 4

Learn about how video compression affects AV systems that provide users with access to desktops, wayfinding, and critical hardware required in control rooms.