Who Came Up with That? Interesting Product Names BONUS EDITION

Fluke Networks Tester

You might think of a chance occurrence, a fish or perhaps a parasite when you hear the word “fluke.” In IT, however, a Fluke Networks tester is the brand of devices that helps you troubleshoot problems and qualify speed on copper and fiber cables as well as your network.

Token Ring

While a token ring might sound like the one ring to rule them all, it’s actually a type of network protocol for local area networks developed by IBM in 1985. Token ring technology uses a special three-byte “token” that travels around computers in a ring topology. Token ring protocols avoid data collision on network segments because only the token holder can send data.


No, it’s not a large movie theater. A multiplexor allows multiple devices to connect over a single link and are also known as data selectors or muxs. A Multiplexor combines data from multiple devices and sends this data over a single communication link.  At the remote side of the communication link a second Multiplexor separates the data signals and sends them to their respective devices.  There must be a mux at both ends of the connection.

Gender Changers

Gender changers are an easy way to connect your computer equipment, match cable genders and protect your IO board or mother board. They feature EMI/RFI shielding to block noise and interference to keep your data signals clear. 


A spudger, also known as a spludger, is a handy tool for working on punch-down blocks (though it sounds like one of the balls used in a Quiddich match). Spudgers are made of durable plastic with a hook on one end for removing wires and bridging clips. The other end is flat and notched for separating and tracing wires.


Feeling off balance? A balun is used to convert an unbalanced signal to a balanced one, or vice versa, hence the name. You can use baluns in structured cabling installations to replace traditional coax cable with CATx or another form of twisted-pair wire in video installations. Baluns are available for video, audio and serial signals.

Wall Warts

While you might have visions of witches or toads, a wall wart is actually a somewhat large wall charger that converts AC current into DC power for electronics. Their negative name stems from the fact that they often take up multiple plugs on a wall or power strip.


A dongle is a small devices that usually plugs into a USB port and provides wireless connectivity to devices like Keyboards, mice and remote controls. Google Chromecast and the Amazon Fire TV stick are also considered dongles.

Funny names or otherwise, Black Box offers a full range of products to support your network infrastructure needs. Browse our product catalog or contact us to discuss your project. 
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