5 Advantages of Networked Digital Signage
Digital signage can improve communications, increase sales, educate, notify, alert and entertain with dynamic messaging that gets attention. Applications range from retail sales promotions to interactive hospitality kiosks and include government, educational, healthcare and corporate uses. Choosing a comprehensive solution, such as Black Box’s iCompel®, is an easy way to set up high-impact digital signage without ongoing licenses or fees.Here are five advantages of choosing networked digital signage:

1. Low cost of ownership

There is a digital signage solution for just about any budget. iCompel is a one-time investment with no ongoing fees. Software upgrades are free, and there are no licensing fees. Live technical support is available 24/7 at no additional charge.

2. Ease of use

Whether your digital signage network is simple or complex, large or small, you can control everything from any computer via an intuitive user interface. iCompel includes several layout templates with drag-and-drop configurations for simple publishing that even nontechnical personnel can easily use. You can set up multizone layouts with each zone playing different media from its own playlist. Play recorded or live video, RSS feeds, data, PowerPoint, HTML and more. An automated software function simplifies the software update process.

3. Simple deployment

iCompel arrives with all software preinstalled. The iCompel Deployment Manager (iDM) offers a range of monitoring and management options that work remotely over the network. You can update screen content from anywhere.

4. Flexibility and scalability

iCompel provides networked, wireless and interactive solutions. It is scalable from one to 1000+ displays. Enterprise options including multiuser, simultaneous access, data integration, remote monitoring and playback verification. iCompel is also compatible with a wide range of ProAV extension and switching solutions.

5. Powerful influence

Compared to traditional print signage, digital signage is quicker and easier to update. It’s a more eye-catching and engaging way to communicate, educate or enhance the customer experience. You can even schedule your content to precisely target specific audiences at specific times and locations—making it more likely for your messages to be seen, heard and acted upon.

When you’re ready to get started, contact a Black Box digital signage expert who can help you with every step of the process.

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