The Top Five Ways AVaaS Can Benefit You and the Best Ways to Get It Started

AVaaS: From Space-Age Dreams to Living the Dream

You may remember or have heard about the animated sitcom from the 1960s, The Jetsons. It's about a family living in the space age with all types of futuristic gadgets and gizmos.

While the technology seemed pretty far-fetched at that time, the show did succeed in predicting the future, except we still could not make flying cars a reality. Nevertheless, many of those cartoon-fantasy, space-age inventions are now essential parts of everyday life. They include interactive TVs, talking watches, digital newspapers, virtual medicine, drones, automatic vacuums, robotic assistants and pets, and video calls.

Hence, the AV technology of today is the dream of the space-age generation, and it's far more advanced than it was a decade or even a few years ago. The pandemic rapidly accelerated the capabilities and cost-efficiencies of AV technology to actually make it easy for anyone to use, anywhere. Just like in The Jetsons.

Advanced AV is now essential for businesses of every size and shape. People from any industry background can now create engaging presentations, smoothly conduct video conferences and training sessions, and collaborate more effectively. However, seamless AV technology can seem like a pipe dream. Owning and maintaining AV equipment and software can be a significant expense for many businesses, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but now it doesn't have to be, thanks to AV as a service.

What is AVaaS?

Audio Visual as a Service, like other technologies, such as unified communications and Wi-Fi, has emerged as a way for organizations to reap all the benefits of the latest AV technology the easy way — by contracting for AV software and equipment as a subscription service.

AV services provide you with a wide range of solutions, including audio and video conferencing, digital signage, video walls, collaboration tools, and more, which can be customized to meet your organization's specific needs. This service offers you the AV you dream about without the nightmare of making it work.

5 Ways AV Managed Services Can Benefit You

Cost savings/Monthly OPEX

These services give all businesses, particularly those without the necessary IT or financial resources a cost-effective way to take advantage of the latest AV technology without a large, upfront capital investment and ongoing maintenance expenses associated with ownership. Leasing AV equipment and software for a monthly fee is typically much lower than the cost of purchasing it outright. Best of all, you know exactly what your monthly OPEX is. There are no surprises.

Super Scalability

With AV service, you can easily scale up or down to meet your organization's changing needs. This means that you can add or remove equipment, services, and users as needed without having to worry about buying and maintaining new equipment and software.

Operational Flexibility

Have it your way as AV Technology gives you the flexibility to choose the services you need now and change them as your business requirements change. This makes it easy for you to provide the right AV services without being tied down to long-term commitments.

Latest Technology

You can now leave those annoying upgrade worries behind. AV Services gives you the latest technology, ensuring that your organization stays up-to-date. You'll always have the most current software, security patches, and upgrades as well as support.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

With Audio Visual Technology, you don't have to worry about the hassles of maintenance and upgrades. AV technology providers take care of all the maintenance, ensuring that your equipment is up-to-date and functioning properly.

Five Steps to Start Living the AV Service Dream

Here are the five things you need to do to get started with these services:

Assess Your AV Requirements: Do a thorough audit. Determine what kind of equipment and software you need for your business operations, depending on the types of users and locations, including remote users.

Research Audio Visual Service Providers: Look for providers that offer the equipment and technologies you need. A quality provider can help you assess your AV needs and recommend appropriate subscriptions.

Choose Your Configuration: Not all sizes fit all customers. Based on the recommendations of a quality AV consultant/provider, you may have a number of different conference rooms or AV needs. Work alongside your AV provider to create options. If you already have contracted for part of the package, choose what layouts fit your requirements.

Establish Project Timelines and Rollouts: Work with your provider to determine project deadlines according to your needs. A quality AV provider has readily available stock or in the pipeline to make it available, which bypasses current supply chain holdups.

Training Sessions: Work with your provider to set up user training sessions after the equipment is installed, which includes "train the trainer" sessions along with pre-recorded sessions if necessary.


AV as a Service: Makes Everyone Happy

is a simple and cost-effective way for you to improve your AV capabilities, stay competitive, and keep everyone happy from the CFO to the most far-flung remote users. By leasing AV equipment and software on a monthly basis, you'll gain the advantages of the latest AV technologies without being burdened by the upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses associated with ownership. You'll work with a known OPEX and get the ability to change, scale, add, and subtract users and services as per your business dynamics.


Leveraging AV as a Service may be what your company needs. Black Box can surely assist you with it. To explore your options, contact us at or 855-324-9909.

For more information on AV, see our Audio Visual Integrations page.

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