Patient Diagnosis and Treatment

Healthcare needs to be patient-centric. The goal for providers is to offer the best care in the most timely manner. Medical facility staff are always looking for ways to improve collaboration with other providers, family, and patients. The best care also balances the demand for speed with the utmost concern for accuracy so that providers can make decisions with confidence.

In medical labs and testing facilities this can mean streamlining processes and maximize productivity. Medical labs generate large amounts of digital data. The resulting electronic findings, whether pure data or digital images, are quality tested and provide a wealth of additional diagnostic information.

In radiation therapy, digital images are revolutionizing healthcare, giving doctors, healthcare providers, and patients more detailed information than ever before. Because of the digital nature of this information, sharing is easier than in the past.

Ensuring the best patient care means meeting the challenge of sharing high-quality medical images over long distances. The need to correctly and accurately reproduce images ensures correct diagnosis. Sharing images helps patients get the highest quality care available by making it simpler to consult with experts in the field, even when they are off site.

Finally, healthcare organization networks must be faster, more reliable, more versatile, and more secure. Switch between redundant architecture to transmit data between data servers and imaging machines.

Challenges in Patient Diagnosis and Treatment include:

  • Sharing high-quality images long distances.
  • Reproducing images on remote displays to ensure a correct diagnosis.
  • Side-by-side comparisons of multiple images to track diagnosis, recovery, and future treatment.
    Secure data switching.

Black Box can assist your facility meet the needs in patient care with signal extension and command and control solutions, high-definition image sharing, and remote access to and control of medical equipment. In addition, we enable manufacturers of medical equipment to drive custom equipment solutions in facilities.

Case Study: Fremont Memorial Hospital

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