Operating Rooms

Healthcare technology enables facilities to take what they do in the operating rooms and collaborate, observe, and educate beyond one location. With video, a surgical team's capabilities can be enhanced through sharing and monitoring, collaboration from off-site, and observed by the next generation of doctors and healthcare personnel.

Enhancing technology also enhances patient care. Giving providers the ability to tightly focus without interruption or delay makes life-saving techniques quicker and more sure. Doctors gain the confidence to make decisions with clear vision, improving patient outcome.

Video Sharing

Split video to share to multiple screens in an operating room. Viewing real-time, HD video helps surgeons doing laparoscopic, vascular, or cardiothoracic surgery. Duplicate video to more than one screen, or take four video sources, and stream them to one screen.

Signal Extension

Along with extending video signals to multiple screens within an operating room, signal extension enables staff to monitor patient status from other locations. Extend high-definition video to operating theater screens for teaching purposes.

Custom Solutions

  • Cabling bundle solution — Keep IT cables from being obstacles in operating rooms
  • Touchscreen and software for OR video system — Intuitive software is easy to customize and teach to users
  • Wiring harnesses — Route wires from patient beds, TVs, computer monitors, and other electronics in patient rooms to in-wall controls
Case Study: Fremont Memorial Hospital

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