Interactive Electronic Communications

Make it easy for patients, family, and staff to get the information they need. Keep staff, visitors, and patients up-to-date on the latest news. Post cafeteria hours and the best place to find good coffee! Continually provide dynamic and important information for staff, visitors, and patients.

Keeping families in the loop

In many hospitals and healthcare facilities, patient numbers are used to track patients through the system. Giving people easily visible access to view these numbers helps waiting relatives track the status of their family members. Keep them up-to-date on testing, surgery, and physician availability.

Making waiting easier

In waiting areas, provide entertainment and information for patients and families.
Outside of emergency rooms, imagining services areas, and outpatient surgery areas, help fill the time with streamed television, health information screens, facility information such as cafeteria hours, and more, such as policy updates, or instructions for filling out forms.

Interactive Information

Patients and family members can have information at their fingertips — literally. An interactive touchscreen menu of FAQs, office hours, directions, and more can provide answers while staff tend to patients in their care.

Behind the scenes

Keep staff and administrators updated on the latest healthcare information, doctors' schedules, facility announcements, human resource announcements, and policy changes. Stream live television for weather, traffic updates, and the latest headlines.

Case Study: Fremont Memorial Hospital

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