Network Services

Black Box Network Services helps companies transform their data network into a real-time network so they can realize the value of just-in-time information delivery, virtual teams, collaboration, mobility, and the eventual migration to a converged platform where data, voice, and streaming media will travel over the IP backbone. This transformation is often evolutionary and Black Box Network Services can help companies move ahead along the evolutionary path by:

  • Establishing a performance baseline of the current voice and data networks, including infrastructure devices, facilities, applications, and operations.
  • Providing viable architecture options and performing predictive analyses.
  • Assessing opportunities for total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction, both in technology assets and the operational infrastructure.
  • Developing a migration technology roadmap to guide their network evolution while managing the expected TCO savings.
  • Providing day-two managed support at each evolutionary step.

Black Box Network Services provides its data customers with the strategies, solutions, technologies, and services that can help to maximize the network availability mandated by real-time networking and the operational costs containment or reduction that can result.