Data Centers

Whether you have a fixed or mobile data center requirement, Black Box Government Solutions has the expertise to provide a solution that will exceed your expectations. Black Box has been providing voice and data center solutions to the DoD for many years and has deployed over 40 solutions in Southwest Asia alone.

Our solutions are customized for fixed buildings or containerized shelters meeting strict ISO standards for construction. Data center facilities require specific industrial design and engineering requirements to meet the needs for fire-protection, power provisioning, stand-by power, cooling, physical security, and layout. Additional points for consideration in the design of data centers include:

  • Virtualized server environments in the data center allow for significant space and cost savings.
  • Ability to push enterprise capabilities to fixed and mobile end users from a centralized data center environment
  • Integrating dynamic Storage Area Network (SAN) capabilities into any data center environment
  • Reliable and secure network architecture to centralize security firewalls

Black Box excels in its ability to develop each solution by working closely with the customer to ensure all requirements are addressed and a quality product is delivered.