Revolutionize Your Network Infrastructure

Traditional networking solutions are no longer sufficient to support the evolving needs of organizations. It is time to embrace the power of intelligent agile networking, with Extreme Networks, a leader recognized by Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure, leading the way.

  • Enhance network performance and reliability
  • Ensure seamless connectivity for your workforce
  • Optimize network security and threat detection
  • Embrace the era of cloud and edge computing

With Extreme Networks and Black Box, you can stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your network is equipped to support your organization’s growth and innovation.


Experience Agile Networking

As a globally recognized and highly accredited partner, Black Box brings extensive expertise in Extreme Networks solutions and services. Through our partnership, we can revolutionize your network infrastructure, by simplifying the architecture, enhancing the scalability and agility, and providing unparalleled visibility into network performance and operations. In addition, our comprehensive approach extends to delivering high-density Wi-Fi access, facilitating BYOD and mobility solutions, and ensuring end-to-end network security.

With a focus on safeguarding your network assets, reducing downtime, and optimizing efficiency, our holistic approach ensures your network is equipped to meet the evolving demands of the digital age.


Wired Access

Discover cloud-ready, universal switches tailored for wiring closets and network edges. With local, cloud, and hybrid management options, you are ready to handle the growing demands of your organization in a simple, flexible, and efficient way.

Learn about 5000 Series Switches

Wireless Access

Get cost-effective and secure wireless connectivity with Extreme’s universal wireless range of access points. Explore Wi-Fi 6/6E and streamline operations through cloud management.

Learn about Wi-Fi 6/6E Technology

Cloud-Based Management

Gain unrivalled visibility and efficiency with a suite of intelligent network management and control solutions, from advanced analytics and diagnostics to centralized control via ExtremeCloud.

Learn about ExtremeCloud IQ

Universal Platforms Simplify the Deployment Experience

Extreme's Universal Platforms combine the power of cloud management with next-generation switches and access points that can support multiple deployment use cases by simply changing the software or feature set.

Universal Platforms increase flexibility and reduce hardware obsolescence by enabling you to gradually adopt new technologies or change your desired use case by changing the software or feature set and/or management system, while retaining the hardware and even the associated licenses.

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Why Choose Black Box and Extreme Networks?

Partner with Black Box and Extreme Networks for a network transformation journey like no other. With over four decades of experience, Black Box is your trusted partner in building, securing, managing, and innovating networks globally.

Pair this expertise with Extreme Networks, a market leader in cloud networking, and you have a winning combination optimizing efficiency, boosting resilience, and enhancing security to businesses worldwide.

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