Reliable Pro Switching System for Control Rooms

Reliable Pro Switching System for Control Rooms, In a control-room, mission critical application, security, reliability, and network availability, they control access and provide nearly instantaneous backup and immediately available switching systems, system in between them needs to be reliable, secure, and available to an IP network for remote access. Enter the Pro Switching System of intelligent Layer 1 A/B gang switching. Because of the way the Pro Switching System works, it is an incredibly reliable switching system. Since it only looks

How to identify counterfeit cable

listed a few pro-tips of what are the sure signs of counterfeit or cheap cable: Look for the UL, on counterfeit cable. For more information and tips on how to avoid unsafe cable, watch our YouTube video

Top 10 Products from Black Box for 2015

, professional AV technology, and networking solutions. The variety of products that made our Top Products' list is representative of many different walks of IT and AV. Let’s take a look at our best sellers from, to remotely control and switch AV from any source to any display. Three switches plus the software is available at 3. GigaTrue™ CAT6 550-MHz Bulk Cable and GigaBase™ 350 CAT5e Solid Bulk, products for applications like pro audio visual, industrial automation, education, medical diagnostics

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