Black Box Brings Best Practices in Broadcast Virtualization to NAB Show New York

Black Box Brings Best Practices in Broadcast Virtualization to NAB Show New York, broadcasts viewers expect. The Studio: Broadcasters must quickly change set up from one production, NAB Show® New York is under wraps and it was an exciting event to showcase the best in broadcast technology. Black Box unveiled how broadcasters can benefit from virtualization with InvisaPC, then, broadcasters must utilize both physical and virtual resources. Black Box’s InvisaPC is the only solution, machines. As a result, broadcast teams always have access to the technologies they need. Black Box’s

Making teamwork a snap in the broadcast booth

Making teamwork a snap in the broadcast booth, —an in-house and a broadcast feed—with two separate crews sharing core system components. The caveat, —in-house and broadcast—with two separate crews, while sharing core system components. The matrix switch, information on how we help clients in the media and broadcasting industry, visit

Case Study: Major broadcaster adopts multiuser matrix switch system for upgraded studio

Case Study: Major broadcaster adopts multiuser matrix switch system for upgraded studio, Broadcasting studio personnel, from engineers to editors, are on the search for extension, , no simultaneous access for multiple users, and limited USB device support. Broadcast engineers need, to us with a wish list for its broadcast studio upgrade. The chief hardware engineer was looking, location. The Chicago studio produces live broadcasts. Transmission glitches were unacceptable, technology lab and shipped to the chief hardware engineer at the broadcast studio. He was able

4 Ways to Modernize Your Broadcast Workflow with Today’s KVM

4 Ways to Modernize Your Broadcast Workflow with Today’s KVM, As broadcast technology evolves, KVM has advanced to accommodate large distances, high performance, and varying levels of system redundancy and resiliency. But what is behind the KVM technology that allows the system to meet varying user needs? Whether a direct-connect system or customer supplied, between endpoints and matrix. System Resiliency – Broadcast technology has changed, and has, KVM for Broadcast Guide or contact us to schedule a consultation. Be our guest – Register

Black Box’s John Hickey Talks Virtualization at 2017 NAB Show

broadcasting a software-driven business. He suggested that the leading broadcasters will become “broadcast orchestrators” who own platforms for aggregated content and services, but do not own the assets, In case you missed John Hickey’s discussion on virtualization in broadcast, you can read about it here. How can broadcast companies both install and take advantage of the benefits that virtual, this question. He provided a practical overview of creating an end-to-end virtualized/IP broadcast

Black Box at NAB April 7-10, 2014

Black Box helps clients in the media and broadcasting industry design, build, deploy, and upgrade mission-critical monitoring and control solutions, video processing and distribution infrastructure, these solutions in action at NAB (National Association Broadcasters), the world’s largest electronic, to Miranda and Ross in the North Hall. Stop by to learn about our professional broadcast and media, switching You can see more at If you'd like to schedule a specific time

Black Box to Showcase Latest Technologies at NAB Show 2017

capabilities for InvisaPC A remote production solution to improve connectivity for live broadcasting, , will be speaking during NAB 2017 in a session titled “Virtualization in Broadcast: Virtual Machines Can

8 Critical features next-generation KVM switching and extension systems should offer

Here’s a checklist to use as you shop for a future-proof, high-performance digital KVM switch or switching and extension systems. It’s easy to remember as FAR-PARSS. Flexibility Any enterprise-wide KVM system should be flexible enough to input and output many types of video and peripherals, especially if you are in broadcast or command and control. Video signals such as DVI, HDMI, and VGA, maximized your ROI. View our webinar about how digital KVM benefits the broadcasting industry. https

5 Reasons why you should be using digital signage

to broadcast and narrowcast information. Digital signage isn't just a sales and merchandising tool. It's, , and government installations use dynamic signage for emergency broadcasting systems, posting cafeteria menus

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