Collaboration Tools with Enhanced Security Features

 Oct 23, 2018   |    Black Box Corporation
A wireless presentation system is a great way to enable collaboration in the workplace as well as remote screen sharing using devices and video cameras. But collaboration tools also have the potential to open your company up to cybersecurity threats. Choose a presentation system that connects your team while ensuring the security and safety of your company’s confidential data.

Black Box Coalesce™ offers remote screen sharing and best-in-class security, including a multi-layer security system with high bit length encryption and a PIN option. It exists outside of the corporate network, so even logging in from a public network will not compromise your data.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Coalesce uses software as a service (SaaS) hosted in the Black Box cloud to support authentication, REST APIs, group messaging and video collaboration. All inbound or outbound data is encrypted and transmitted over TLS or DTLS with 2048-bit asymmetric encryption and 256-bit symmetric encryption using certificates from third-party credited authorities. That means all your network communication is protected using the latest technology to secure your video, audio and data.


Black Box uses Azure to host and support your Coalesce services. Azure data centers are managed and operated by Microsoft and are geographically dispersed for additional protection. They comply with ISO/IEC 27001:2005, SOC 1 and SOC 2 standards. Access to the virtual machines that host Coalesce services is limited to ports configured within Azure’s Network Security Groups. All these virtual machines are located within the same virtual LAN, and communication between them is via private network interfaces behind the Azure firewall.


If Coalesce has access to the Coalesce Cloud, it can enable devices connecting to it securely from outside of its local network, for example a Chromebook™ client on a remote network and a Windows® client connected on another network within your organization. The Coalesce hardware unit can also function solely using its access point, with an IP address for connecting devices.


Any updates to the Coalesce wireless presentation system are downloaded over a secure connection and installed on demand. You’ll receive a notification in the Coalesce user interface whenever an update is available.

Meeting ID

For each meeting, Coalesce generates a unique meeting ID to connect users to a specific meeting. The host can also specify a PIN, which is configured at the box directly. Upon connection, the screen of the connected device is shared and the user can decide to continue remote screen sharing or add a web camera.


The Coalesce clients and boxes are authenticated on Black Box’s servers using a four-step process with simple authentication and security layer (SASL). At any time, administrators can remove a client or box from the authorized zone temporarily and permanently. For video calls, STUN is used to establish a peer-to-peer connection. If this fails, then the presentation system will attempt to use Black Box’s relay service using the TURN protocol.

Access Point

Coalesce hardware units offer an encrypted internal access point, which allows you to create a local network. The box can also be configured to provide locally connected devices with access to an external network using a cable. Additionally, the hardware unit can connect securely via Wi-Fi to an external access point and network.


In a typical configuration, the Coalesce presentation system is connected to your existing network infrastructure, either using a static IP or DHCP. Users can connect via the access point on the hardware unit or via the existing network infrastructure. When connected locally, signaling data is communicated over port 443 TLS and video and audio over DTLS. When connected from a remote network, all signaling, video and audio data are relayed using the SaaS layer via port 443 TLS.

The Coalesce presentation system enhances collaboration in the workplace while protecting your company from cybersecurity threats. To learn more about Black Box’s best-in-class security features when integrating Coalesce with your cloud A/V, visit the Coalesce product page or download the whitepaper: Coalesce Security Features.

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