Welcome To The Age of Unified Communications And Collaboration

 Nov 10, 2015   |    Kathy Brahan

Why are nearly half of all enterprises implementing a UCC solution or expanding their existing implementation?

The answer is simple: Unified Communications and Collaboration is a productivity game-changer.

UCC is not a solution waiting for a problem; it is a long-awaited solution to some very real, productivity-killing and revenue-draining business problems.

Businesses that implement a UCC solution are seeing:

• More streamlined operations;

• Improvement in response time to customer inquiries;

• Reduced (IT) maintenance costs;

• Capital expense savings from reduced hardware and infrastructure costs.

UCC Has Come of Age

Just a few years ago, the definition of Unified Communications and Collaboration varied from vendor to vendor.  But UCC has come of age.  According to a recent Forrester report, “UC&C is now standardized” and “…increasingly supports integration with applications…”

If one were to define the technology/business “sweet spot”, the list would probably include a handful of items:

• Improves business operations;

• Is easier/faster/cheaper than the current solution;

• Is not proprietary, locking the business into a single-vendor-only solution;

• Is extensible;

• Is not expensive/difficult to deploy and maintain.

UCC checks all of these boxes and more.  It is a mature, proven solution with proven benefits to the business, to IT and to the bottom line.

Now Is The Time

So you’re ready to begin the UCC Journey, but you still have a lot of questions.

You understand that implementing an enterprise communications solution is a major step.

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