Black Box Knows KVM: Client Testimony

 Oct 9, 2015   |    Dawn Mangine

In the fall of 2013, Anthony, a senior engineer from a global energy company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was tasked with implementing a new, customer-facing command and control room. The center was being designed to showcase the energy company’s capabilities to potential customers. Shortly after being assigned this job, he received an invitation to a presentation at Black Box.

Anthony had heard of Black Box, but didn’t know very much about them. His company had purchased cables and other infrastructure technology products from them, and he knew their headquarters were close to Pittsburgh. The topic of the event was “High-Performance KVM Solutions.”

He decided to attend on the basis of his company’s past relationship with Black Box. He was pleasantly surprised to find his investment of time paid off in dividends.

Anthony learned that Black Box does more than cabling. Until he visited the Lawrence campus, he was unaware of their extension and switching capabilities.

At the presentation, Garrett Swindell, Black Box KVM engineer specialist, talked about signal management and extension, high-definition video and USB switching, and streamlining operator desktop workstations for a leaner organization.

Anthony immediately scheduled a follow-up visit during the session to have Garrett and Brian Lang, a Black Box KVM sales specialist, come to his company’s headquarters. The goal of the visit was to capitalize on Black Box’s KVM capabilities and design a solution that met the needs of his newly developed control center.

“This event gave me the opportunity to visualize how Black Box products will help us improve the level of monitoring and control we have over our systems,” Anthony says. He thinks other engineers who work in control rooms can benefit from attending a Black Box presentation. “Seeing your products operate in person allowed me to fully appreciate how well Black Box has implemented these new technologies, and the value that they can add to my projects.”

If you’ve got a control room project coming up soon, please contact us. Our next high-performance KVM event is Tuesday, October 27. You can register here, or email Brian Lang at

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