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Pro Switching System, 2U, A/B Switch Card, DB25/RS-530

Layer 1 switching for the Pro Switching System, 2U.

Price: $490.85

Extended Double Diamond™ Warranty Available (3 Additional Year)

Product Features

  • Use with the Pro Switching System, 2U (SM260A).
  • Occupies three slots.
  • Many types of switch cards are available. See Ordering instructions (below).
  • Details

    Pick a card, any card.
    A/B Switch Cards are available for RS-232, video, fiber optic, and CAT5e/CAT6 connections. The card featured here is the DB25/RS-530. Use the system for both new and legacy applications. You can add cards for fast CAT6 10-GbE networking while keeping connections for older RS-232 and 75-ohm video connections.

    Secure and fallback switching.
    For fail-safe operation, all the cards (except those noted) use proprietary latching or micro-mirror relay switching technology—which means data can continue to pass through even if the power has been cut off. Because the cards perform Layer 1 switching, the system operates independently of data rates, protocols, formats, or signal levels.

    The non-latching fiber cards fall back to a Port C (chassis) to Port A connection when the power fails. When power is restored, the non-latching switch card reconnects Port C to the originally selected port (A or B). These types of cards are typical when you want a fallback or failover connection during power outages.

    Each chassis also has a keyed switch so you can enable/disable manual switching from the front-panel toggle switches.

    Ordering instructions

    First, order the chassis...
    Pro Switching System, 2U, 18-Card (SM260A)

    Next order at least one power supply (order two for redundant power)...
    Power Supply, 120–240 VAC, External (SM961A-PS)

    Next order a card to adapt power input...
    Power Supply Cards:
    AC External Adapter Card (SM261A-CARD)
    Redundant Power Supply Cards (NOTE: Each card requires two chassis slots.):
    100–240-VAC Input (SM261A-VAC)
    -48-VDC Input (SM261A-VDC)

    ...then select a Controller Card...
    RS-232/Ethernet (SNMP) (SM262A)
    RS-232 Only (SM263A)
    SNMP Expansion (SM264A) choose your A/B Switch Cards...
    DB25/RS-232 (SM265A)
    DB25/RS-530 (SM266A)
    Video F-Connector, Latching (SM276A-LCH)
    Video F-Connector, Non-Latching (SM267A)
    Multimode Fiber Optic:
    ST®, Latching (SM277A-MM-ST-LCH)
    SC, Latching (SM277A-MM-SC-LCH)
    ST, Non-Latching (SM277A-ST)
    SC, Non-Latching (SM277A-SC)
    Single-Mode Fiber Optic:
    ST, Latching (SM278A-SS-ST-LCH)
    SC, Latching (SM278A-SS-SC-LCH)
    ST, Non-Latching (SM278A-ST)
    SC, Non-Latching (SM278A-SC)
    RJ-45 Copper:
    RJ-45 CAT5 (SM268A)
    RJ-45 CAT6 (SM269A)

    For empty slots, order...
    Blank Panel, Front or Rear, 2U (SM279A-BLNK)

    Questions? Contact our FREE Tech Support.

    This product works with:
  • Power Supply (SM961A-PS)
  • Power Supply Card (SM261A-CARD)
  • Redundant Power Supply Cards (SM261A-VAC, SM261A-VDC)
  • A/B Switch Cards (SM265A, etc.)
  • Blank Panel (SM279A-BLNK)
  • Questions? Contact our FREE Tech Support.

    Tech Specs

    ApprovalsCE, RoHS
    Connectors (2) DB25 M, (1) DB25 F
    Indicators (2) LEDs (A and B)

    This product works with:
  • Pro Switching System, 2U (SM260A)
  • Power Supply (SM961A-PS)
  • Power Supply Card (SM261A-CARD)
  • Redundant Power Supply Cards (SM261A-VAC, SM261A-VDC)
  • Blank Panel (SM279A-BLNK)
  • Questions? Contact our FREE Tech Support.

    NOTE: Technical specification weight is the unit weight. It is not the packaged shipping weight. For shipping weight, please contact Black Box customer service at 877-877-2269.


    User Manual for the SM26XA, SM96XA, and SM27XA Series


    Double Diamond Warranty Extended Double Diamond™ Warranty Available (3 Additional Year) Diamond

    Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)

    Take the risk out of equipment purchases with the Double Diamond™ Warranty from Black Box Network Services.

    The Double Diamond Warranty is our warranty that protects your Black Box® brand products* from accidental damage, including drops, water, and power surges.

    The Pro Switching System, 2U, A/B Switch Card, DB25/RS-530 comes with a standard 1 Year warranty already included.

    During the warranty period, Black Box Network Services will repair or replace your damaged equipment within one week of receipt at NO CHARGE!*

    Plus, get an Extended Double Diamond Warranty.

    You can also extend your warranty or protect a previously purchased Black Box® brand product** for an additional year—for only 10% of the purchase price! Or, extend your coverage for a full three years for only 20% of the purchase price!

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    * Warranty subject to certain exclusions and limitations ** Certain products may not be eligible.

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