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The right antenna for high-wind, hard-weather environments.

Price: $75.70

Sold As is with no warranty.

Product Features

  • Your best choice for durability and range.
  • Use in wireless ISP (WISP) applications that require minimum wind loading and maximum durability.
  • Withstand temperature extremes from -40 to +176º F (-40 to 80º C) for long-lasting performance.
  • Powerful yet cost-effective for high-volume customer premise equipment (CPE) setups.
  • Attach to masts with the included mounting hardware.
  • Details

  • Ideal for point-to-point and wireless bridging applications operating in 2.4- and 2.7-GHz bands.
  • Include a low-loss RG-58/U pigtail cable terminated with a N-Type female connector.

    Setting up WISP service in a high-altitude or seaside area? Better choose the right antenna for your subscriber site, or you just might find mangled metal dangling from your weather-beaten mast.

    For these demanding applications, you need WISPerformance Series Parabolic Grid Antennas. A zinc-plated, cold-rolled steel design with polyester coat finish gives these antennas excellent protection against rain and ice, so they hold up long into the future. They feature a high gain performance (up to 23.5 dBi on one model), are vertically polarized, and are DC grounded.

    They include mounting hardware and an extension tube to hold and secure the dipole and reflector grid (set up with either horizontal or vertical polarity) to a mast. To ensure an optimal radiation pattern, the azimuth can be tilted up to 80º.
  • Tech Specs

    Frequency Range — 2400–2700 MHz
    Front-to-Back Ratio — WISP24019PTNF: >20 dBi;
    WISP24021PTNF: >22 dBi;
    WISP24024PTNF: >24 dBi
    Gain — WISP24019PTNF: 19 dBi;
    WISP24021PTNF: 21 dBi;
    WISP24024PTNF: 23.5 dBi
    Grid Material — Zinc-plated, cold-rolled steel with polyester powder coat
    Horizontal Plane Beamwidth — WISP24019PTNF: 16º;
    WISP24021PTNF: 12º;
    WISP24024PTNF: 7º
    Lightning Protection — DC grounded
    Mounting Method — Standard U-bolt steel mast clamp with mounting hardware; designed for masts up to 2.5" (6.35 cm) OD
    Nominal Impedance — 50 ohms
    Polarization — Vertical and horizontal
    Vertical Plane Beamwidth —
    WISP24019PTNF: 11º;
    WISP24021PTNF: 10º;
    WISP24024PTNF: 9º
    VSWR — <1.5:1
    Wind Load — WISP24019PTNF: 16 lb. (7.25 kg);
    WISP24021PTNF: 22 lb. (9.9 kg);
    WISP24024PTNF: 40 lb. (18.1 kg)
    CE Approval — Yes
    Connectors — (1) N-Type F on a 2-ft. (60.9-cm) RG-58/U pigtail cable
    Size — WISP24019PTNF: 11"H x 24"W x 17"D (27.9 x 61 x 43.2 cm);
    WISP24021PTNF: 11"H x 32"W x 23"D (27.9 x 81.3 x 58.4 cm);
    WISP24024PTNF: 19"H x 34"W x 29"D (48.3 x 86.4 x 73.4 cm)
    Weight — WISP24019PTNF: 3 lb. (1.4 kg);
    WISP24021PTNF: 4 lb. (1.8 kg);
    WISP24024PTNF: 6 lb. (2.7 kg)
    Warranty — 1 Year

    NOTE: Technical specification weight is the unit weight. It is not the packaged shipping weight. For shipping weight, please contact Black Box customer service at 877-877-2269.


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