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Intelli-Pass Biometric Access Control System, Networked


Please call 877-877-2269 for a replacement product or part.
Extended Double Diamond™ Warranty Available (3 Additional Year)


The Intelli-Pass Biometric Access Control system is a flexible, affordable way to upgrade security to your access control system and simplify the way you manage and control access to rooms or other physical spaces in your building.

  • Enhanced biometric security with two-factor authentication.
  • Great for protecting areas containing sensitive records, expensive components and assets, and potentially dangerous substances.
  • Gives you a record of who's entering and leaving a building.
  • Eliminates the need for keys and access cards.
  • Lock and network connections are made in a secure area.
  • Full audit trail provides detailed entry logs.
  • Features anti-spoof and anti-tamper circuitry.
  • Simplify access by using logical groups for users and doors.
  • Timed access controls. Ideal for cleaning staff or contractors.
  • Integrates with fire alarm and monitoring systems.
  • Multiple doors may be controlled and managed through optional management software.
  • Battery backup ensures access during power failures.

    The Intelli-Pass uses fingerprint recognition in a compact and attractive design that is easy to install, simple to use, extremely reliable, and very secure. There are no cards or tokens to lose (or to spend money replacing).

    Intelli-Pass is ideal for any access control application, including:
  • Data centers and information systems departments
  • Hospital/medical records storage rooms
  • Storage facilities containing chemicals and supplies
  • Government offices and federal buildings
  • Critical physical plant areas in corporate or education environments
  • High-tech, biomedical, and R&D labs in government or university settings
  • Library areas containing archival and rare book collections
  • Military and defense-related installations

    Tight security
    A unique two-part architecture makes Intelli-Pass the ultimate in secure access control. The reader and controller units are separate, so there are no connections in the reader unit exposed to the outside. Because all the mechanics for opening the secured door are within the protected area, hackers can't cut the wires or spoof the signals to open the door.

    Plus, proprietary encryption protects communications between the reader and the controller, further enhancing security.

    A person forced to enter a room against his/her will can discretely activate a silent remote alarm. Even if the power fails, Intelli-Pass is prepared with its backup battery.

    Extensive management features
    Many features make managing door access easy. A full audit trail means you can keep track of who is coming and going and when.

    The time-banding feature enables you to determine when individuals can be granted access to rooms. You can set the Intelli-Pass to deny access outside of approved timeslots. Set up temporary workers with a pre-defined length of access; the system automatically deactivates their access after the period has expired.

    Group users and doors together to make management simple. For example, members of a department can have access to certain doors and not others. Users can easily be deleted in just a few seconds.

    Fingerprint identity simplifies administration.
    Enrolling users couldn't be easier. When a person is entered into the Intelli-Pass system, the system creates a multipoint schematic of the user's biometric fingerprint profile, which it stores as a fingerprint template. Each time that user seeks access to a secure area, that template will be matched to the live fingerprint. The system does not store fingerprint images, and the biometric template cannot be used to create an image of the original print.
    The multistage fingerprint verification goes beyond pattern recognition. The Intelli-Pass actually looks for living characterisitics in the finger and rejects pictures or silicon imprints of a finger. The system has an extremely high level of accuracy and reliability (EER <0.1%).

    Legitimate users gain quick access to secure areas. All they need to do is enter their PIN and place their finger on the reader. Authentication takes less than one second. If the fingerprint matches the template perfectly, Intelli-Pass unlocks the door and logs the date and time of entry.

    Administer from anywhere via networked access control.
    The Intelli-Pass version featured here (SAC510NA) is our networked access control model. It enables you to control the system's units from a single location anywhere in the world. (We also offer a standalone model: SAC510SA, which is for an installation that doesn't require centralized control of multiple access points. On the standalone model, all programming—including user enrollment—is performed via the reader's keypad and LCD display via simple-to-use menus.)

    In a network of networked Intelli-Pass models, controller units attach to their site's computer network using standard IP addresses and communicate with central control stations with encrypted TCP/IP. User enrollment can occur at one central location, using the separately available Intelli-Pass Management and Enrollment Software (SAC500MSA).

    The software also enables you to easily control multiple Intelli-Pass units installed on multiple doors. Instead of having to enroll users on each door separately, you can enroll once, then use that information for each relevant door. Additionally, the software makes the creation of user groups and door access zones a much easier process. You can set up and configure each networked unit, and upload fingerprint templates to any networked units to grant user access to them.

    Audit trails are automatically downloaded and stored in the central database, which is included in the software. You can view individual user and door logs as needed.

    If your network fails, the Intelli-Pass continues to operate normally because network communication is not required for fingerprint verification. The system saves all logging activity and uploads it to a database once the network connection is restored.

    What you'll need.
    The first step is to choose a networked or standalone system. Then you'll need to select your software package based on the number of doors you wish to secure. We also offer a Push to Exit Switch, Prop Door Magnetic Sensors, and an Outdoor Weather Box to help shield the system. If your doors don't already have electric strikes, we can help you select the correct strikes for the specific types of doors in your building(s). Optional on-site installation and/or configuration services are available—contact our FREE Tech Support to get started.

    This product works with:
  • Intelli-Pass Management & Enrollment Software with Scanner for up to 5 Doors (SAC500MSA-5K)
  • Intelli-Pass Management & Enrollment Software with Scanner for up to 10 Doors (SAC500MSA-10K)
  • Intelli-Pass Management & Enrollment Software with Scanner for up to 25 Doors (SAC500MSA-25K)
  • Intelli-Pass Management & Enrollment Software with Scanner for up to 50 Doors (SAC500MSA-50K)
  • Intelli-Pass Management & Enrollment Software with Scanner for Unlimited Doors (SAC500MSA-UK)
  • Management & Enrollment Software Additional User License with Scanner (SAC501MSA)
  • Replacement Enrollment Scanner (SAC506SCA)
  • Push to Exit Switch, Green Backlit (MSX6100)
  • Surface-Mount Prop Door Magnetic Sensor (CNT100)
  • Recessed-Mount Prop Door Magnetic Sensor (CNT200)
  • Outdoor Weather Box (SAC509BXA)
  • Compact (HES 5000) Electric Strike (5000-12/24D)
  • Concealed (HES 5900) Electric Strike (5900-12/24D-591-630)
  • Premium (HES 1006) Electric Strike (1006-F-12/24D-630)
  • Surface-Mount (HES 9500) Electric Strike (9500-12/24D-630)
  • Intelli-Pass Premium Warranty and Support Package, 1 Year per Door (SAC510XWA-1)
  • Intelli-Pass Premium Warranty and Support Package, 3 Years per Door (SAC510XWA-3)
    (NOTE: Premium Warranty and Support Packages include an extended hardware warranty, express replacement, remote diagnostic support, and an on-site service call [if necessary].)
    Questions? Contact our FREE Tech Support.

    Intelli-Pass and AlertWerks: a perfect team!
    Once a code and fingerprint are verified, the Intelli-Pass sends a signal to open the door. But a signal may also be sent to the separately available AlertWerks II Environmental Monitoring System to ask it to take a photo of the user entering the secure area.

    You can position an AlertWerks PT Dome Camera outside the secure area to take a photo a few seconds before the door is opened to see who is approaching and how many people there are.

    You can also set up the camera on the inside of the secure room to see who's coming in the door and what equipment they're using once they're inside.

    Because AlertWerks can also monitor the conditions in that room (temperature, airflow, presence of smoke or water, voltages, etc.), you now have a complete view of what's happening around your expensive equipment.

    For help ordering and configuring an integrated AlertWerks and Intelli-Pass Biometric system, contact our FREE Tech Support.

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    Double Diamond Warranty

    Extended 1 Year Warranty Available

    Protect your purchase with an additional 1 Year Double Diamond™ warranty!
    Cost: $224.50

    Extended 3 Year Warranty Available

    Protect your purchase with an additional 3 Year Double Diamond™ warranty!
    Cost: $449.00


    Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)

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    The Intelli-Pass Biometric Access Control System, Networked comes with a standard 1 Year Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard) already included.

    During the warranty period, Black Box Network Services will repair or replace your damaged equipment within one week of receipt at NO CHARGE!*

    Plus, get an Extended Double Diamond Warranty.

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