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GigaBase CAT5e 350-MHz Solid Bulk Cable - Unshielded, Plenum, Blue, 1000-ft.Pull Box

ETL Verified and HDBaseT™ Recommended CAT5e cable.


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Lifetime Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)

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Product Features

  • This cable is part of our ETL Verified GigaBase CAT5e channel solution.
  • Guaranteed for life!


  • Sweep tested and characterized to 350 MHz.
  • Extra headroom provides room for growth.
  • CAT5e compliance means dependable compatibility for future applications.
  • Ideal for voice, 10BASE-T, 4-/16-Mbps Token Ring, 100BASE-TX, 100-Mbps TP-PMD, T1, 155-Mbps ATM, 622-Mbps ATM, Gigabit Ethernet, and other high-speed applications.
  • Low attenuation and power-sum crosstalk characteristics over an extended frequency range.
  • Every master pull box is tested for electrical performance.
  • Longitudinal rip cord for easy jacket opening.
  • Cable is marked in two-foot increments so you always know how much you have left.

  • This bulk cable features the Accu-Pull Measuring System: Descending sequential foot markings let you know exactly how much is left on the spool. No more guesswork or measuring to see how much cable you have left.

    Tech Specs

    ACR (Minimum at 100 m) 16.3 dB at 100 MHz; 1.4 dB at 200 MHz
    Attenuation (Minimum at 100 m) 22.0 dB at 100 MHz; 32.4 dB at 200 MHz; 41.0 dB at 300 MHz; 44.9 dB at 350 MHz
    Cable Type 4-pair UTP
    Capacitance Unbalance (Maximum) 3300 pF/km (Pair to ground)
    Characteristic Impedance 1-350 MHz: 100 ± 15 ohms
    Conductor 24 AWG, solid, bare copper
    Conductor Resistance 93.8 ohm/20° C maximum
    Delay Skew 1-350 MHz: 40 nS/100 m maximum
    EL-FEXT (Minimum at 100 m) 23.8 dB at 100 MHz; 17.7 dB at 200 MHz; 14.2 dB at 300 MHz; 12.9 dB at 350 MHz
    NEXT (Minimum at 100 m) 38.3 dB at 100 MHz; 33.8 dB at 200 MHz; 31.2 dB at 300 MHz; 30.1 dB at 350 MHz
    PS-ACR (Minimum at 100 m) 14.3 dB at 100 MHz
    PS-ELFEXT (Minimum at 100 m) 20.8 dB at 100 MHz; 14.7 dB at 200 MHz; 11.2 dB at 300 MHz; 9.9 dB at 350 MHz
    PS-NEXT (Minimum at 100 m) 36.3 dB at 100 MHz; 31.8 dB at 200 MHz; 29.2 dB at 300 MHz; 28.1 dB at 350 MHz
    Return Loss 20.1 dB at 100 MHz
    Velocity of Propagation 62.1% at 350 MHz minimum
    This product works with:
    Product works with:
  • GigaStation High-Density Multimedia Patch Panels
  • GigaBase CAT5e Patch Panels
  • GigaBase CAT5e Jacks
  • GigaBase2 CAT5e Jacks

    * Technical specification weight is the unit weight. It is not the packaged shipping weight. For shipping weight, please contact Black Box customer service at 877-877-2269.

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    Double Diamond Warranty Diamond

    Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)

    Take the risk out of equipment purchases with the Double Diamond™ Warranty from Black Box Network Services.

    The Double Diamond Warranty is our warranty that protects your Black Box® brand products* from accidental damage, including drops, water, and power surges.

    The 1000-ft. CAT5e Solid Bulk Cable 350MHZ UTP Plenum Blue comes with a standard Lifetime Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard) already included.

    During the warranty period, Black Box Network Services will repair or replace your damaged equipment within one week of receipt at NO CHARGE!*

    Plus, get an Extended Double Diamond Warranty.

    You can also extend your warranty or protect a previously purchased Black Box® brand product** for an additional year—for only 10% of the purchase price! Or, extend your coverage for a full three years for only 20% of the purchase price!

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    * Warranty subject to certain exclusions and limitations ** Certain products may not be eligible.

    What’s more, we also have a 45-day return policy. Simply call Customer Service for a Return Authorization (RA) number, return your product in new condition and in the original package, and receive a full refund.