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FTK1350 SimpliFiber Pro Multimode Verification Kit

The fiber-loss tester with advanced time-saving features.


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30 DAY DoubleDiamond™ Warranty (Standard)

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Product Features

  • Completes testing in half the time!
  • Includes SimpliFiber ®Pro optical power meter, 850/1300 multimode source, VisiFault VFL, FiberInspector Mini (FT500), FindFiber Remote ID source, carrying case, and SC, ST, and LC power meter adapters.


  • The SimpliFiber Pro features single-port, simultaneous dual-wavelength testing, which provides results in half the time.
  • The tester saves measurements from both 850- and 1300-nm wavelengths into one record.
  • The CheckActive feature emits an audible tone and displays an icon when the tester detects a live fiber.
  • The FindFiber Remote ID enables you to quickly identify cable connections without the need for another person at the other end of the link.
  • The FiberInspector Mini video microscope is a hand-held, 200x magnification probe and display for inspecting fiber end-faces on patch cord and bulkhead connectors.
  • Minimum-maximum capability makes it easy to track intermittent power fluctuations.
  • A large memory enables you to save 1000 results for continuous testing and recording.
  • LinkWare Cable Test Management software helps to analyze test results and create professional test reports.

  • The SimpliFiber Pro from Fluke Networks is an invaluable helper when you're installing and maintaining fiber optic cable. It provides basic fiber verification capabilities, advanced troubleshooting and inspection, and documented loss and power measurements.

    Tech Specs

    Multimode Optical Source
    Central Wavelength 850 nm, 1300 nm
    Connectors (1) SC
    Emitter Type LED
    FindFiber Code Generation 1 through 8 (Default is 3)
    Power (2) AA akaline batteries; Typical battery life: >80 hours; Automatic power off: 30 minutes (can be disabled by user)
    Size 1.6"H x 3.2"W x 5.6"L (4 x 8.1 x 14.2 cm)
    Warranty 30 days
    Weight 0.1 lb. (<0.1 kg)
    Optical Power Meter
    Auto Dual-Wavelength Switching Yes
    Auto-Wavelength Detection Yes
    Calibrated Wavelengths 850 nm, 1300 nm, 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm, 1625 nm
    Connectors (1) USB 2.0; (1) removable SC adapter, (ST and LC adapters are also included)
    Data Storage 1000 records, multiple wavelengths per record
    Detector Type InGaAs
    Display Resolution (dB or dBm): 0.01 dB; Update Rate: 1 reading per second Display Units: dBm, mW, µW
    Environmental Operating Humidity: 95% (+14 to +95° F) Non-Condensing, 75% (+95 to +104° F) Non-Condensing, Uncontrolled: (under +14° F)
    Measurement Range +10 to -52 dBm (850 nm); +10 to -60 dBm (1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 nm)
    Operating Temperature +14 to +122° F (-10 to +50° C);
    Power (2) AA alkaline batteries; Typical battery life: > 50 hours; Automatic power off: 10, 20, 30, or 60 minutes (can be disabled by user)
    Power Measurement Linearity ±0.2 dB at 850 nm (For 850 nm, ±0.2 dB for power from 0 to -45 dBm, ±0.25 dB for power < -45 dBm) ±0.1 dB at 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 nm (±0.1 dB for power from 0 to -55 dBm, ±0.2 dB for power > 0 dBm and < -55 dBm)
    Power Measurement Uncertainty ±0.25 dB (23° C ±2° C, power level -20 dBm, continuous wave, 62.5/125 µm at multimode wavelengths, 9/125 µm at 1310, 1490, 1550 and 1625 nm; add 0.1 dB for 1625 nm)
    Size 1.5"H x 3.2"W x 6.4"L (3.8 x 8.1 x 16.3 cm)
    Storage Temperature -4 to +122° F (-20 to +50° C);
    Warranty 1 year
    Weight 0.7 lb. (0.3 kg)

    * Technical specification weight is the unit weight. It is not the packaged shipping weight. For shipping weight, please contact Black Box customer service at 877-877-2269.


    Double Diamond Warranty Diamond

    Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)

    Take the risk out of equipment purchases with the Double Diamond™ Warranty from Black Box Network Services.

    The Double Diamond Warranty is our warranty that protects your Black Box® brand products* from accidental damage, including drops, water, and power surges.

    The FTK1350 SimpliFiber Pro Multimode Verification Kit comes with a standard 30 DAY warranty already included.

    During the warranty period, Black Box Network Services will repair or replace your damaged equipment within one week of receipt at NO CHARGE!*

    Plus, get an Extended Double Diamond Warranty.

    You can also extend your warranty or protect a previously purchased Black Box® brand product** for an additional year—for only 10% of the purchase price! Or, extend your coverage for a full three years for only 20% of the purchase price!

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    * Warranty subject to certain exclusions and limitations ** Certain products may not be eligible.

    What’s more, we also have a 45-day return policy. Simply call Customer Service for a Return Authorization (RA) number, return your product in new condition and in the original package, and receive a full refund.