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Console Server 32 Port with POTS Modem

Secure remote out of band management


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Product Features

  • Cost-effective, advanced console port access that's fully redundant with dual Ethernet ports plus a modem.
  • Manage up to 32 remote console ports across your Ethernet network.
  • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 validated module for enhanced security.


  • Dual Ethernet ports with bonding ensure high availability. Set up automatic failover and an additional out-of-band broadband connection.
  • Protects data over a public network with 256-bit encryption, SSH tunneled serial bridging, SSH tunneling for TCP/UDP, IP packet filtering, and more.
  • Embedded with open-source Linux® based OS. PC, Mac®, and UNIX® compatible.
  • Features dual universal AC input for powering from two sources for backup power.
  • Includes a built-in RJ-11 modem port for setting up out-of-band access, plus a DB9 port for an external modem.
  • Accessible in band (via Ethernet or secure tunnel over the Web) or out of band via a modem link.
  • A USB port plus an included 2 GB flash drive enable local FTP/TFTP storage.
  • Stores multiple local boot images locally for easy rollback. Supports off-line logs for audit trails, file backup, and disaster recovery.
  • Supports up to 50 concurrent sessions (SDT tunnels) open at the same time.
  • No limit on the number of clients who can access one gateway or the number of hosts accessed concurrently through one tunnel.
  • Advanced power management functions for monitoring a remote UPS and resetting a PDU or RPS using a user-friendly GUI.
  • Comes with IPSec High Availability VPN gateway software—great for electric utilities who need to meet NERC CIP standards.
  • Robust LAN console port management with secure Serial over LAN (SoL) access and Secure Remote Desktop access to Windows® XP/2003.
  • On the LAN port, each gateway can port forward to an unlimited number of locally networked hosts (computers or routers).
  • Boasts authentication protection plus the ability to restrict access by IP address, password, or account.
  • Cascadable ports. Cluster multiple units so many serial ports can be accessed via one IP address and managed at one location.
  • Flexible system management options (including SNMP, HTTPS, HTTP, CLI in Linux Shell, Nagios® distributed monitoring, and ARP-PING).
  • Features an embedded DHCP server for managing LAN devices.
  • Rackmountable (1U) with included mounts.
  • NTP, TCP/IP, and UDP/IP network compatible.
  • Firmware upgradable.
  • To manage large numbers of console servers over a wide geographic area, even globally, use Virtual Central Management System Software (LES-VCMS-10-1Y, etc.).

  • For cost-effective console server management and reliable remote access to data center equipment, choose a Black Box Advanced Console Server.

    This platform provides secure serial console port control in a single box, whether you need 24/7 in-band or out-of-band access to your vital network-attached and serially attached devices in the data center. Plus, it's priced to fit the budget of most enterprises and educational, healthcare, and government institutions.

    Equipped with a built-in modem as well as dual 10/100 Ethernet ports, it gives you multiple access paths, plus a redundant AC power supply for power backup and maximum uptime.

    It also features 2 GB of USB flash memory for local FTP/TFTP storage, which you can use for disaster recovery and storing device configurations and logs off-line (such as for syslog and Wireshark packet analysis). Quickly store local copies of your router and switch configurations and backup configurations, and roll back to an earlier configuration if necessary.

    What's more, it includes IPSec High Availability VPN gateway software, which enables you to set up console connections within a secure IPSec VPN network. If there's a network outage, the Advanced Console Server will automatically reconnect the VPN using a modem link or broadband failover route.

    This means you can set up 'round-the-clock access to vital data center systems—without sacrificing security, flexibility, and interoperability with your current server environment. Use it as a gateway to remotely access servers, virtual servers, service processors, and similar network IT equipment. You can also monitor and control routers, switches, firewalls, PBX systems, and many other network infrastructure devices.

    And because you can use the console server to manage ports on PDUs and UPSs and, in the process, cut power consumption and reduce utility bills, it's a great addition to any IT department or company wanting to initiate "clean tech" energy conservation. It's a great way to unify power and IT resources while controlling your data centers and networks from anywhere in the world!

    The console server comes with Network UPS Tools for UPS monitoring. It supports complex power architectures typical of many modern data centers and NOCs where you find a mix of UPSs from various manufacturers. Through this interface, you can not only more easily manage and monitor UPS hardware connected to your expensive devices, you can also ensure a safe shutdown of systems.
    For efficient data transport, the console server features secure serial bridging, encapsulating incoming raw serial data into IP packets and sending them over a network to a remote location, where it's then represented as serial data. This bridging is useful if you need to connect to legacy serial devices running proprietary protocols and you want to do this over the Internet instead of an older, dedicated telecom channel.

    Plus the Advanced Console Server uses the Linux OS platform, so there's no dealing with proprietary protocol issues when you want to customize it to your specific needs. You can use the open-source platform to not only reach ports on servers and Cisco routers, but also use its preloaded Nagios® network monitoring application to centrally manage servers and other resources distributed across an application. The console server comes with a developer kit to help you get started.

    Reach equipment out of band securely.
    In addition to access through its dual 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX TCP/IP ports, the Advanced Console Server supports out-of-band access to your critical equipment and vital assets. The console server features both an internal modem and a DB9 local console port. Use the internal modem or attach an external modem via a serial cable to the DB9 port while configuring the second Ethernet port for broadband out-of-band access.

    Through the modem connection, you can manage your distributed network of servers, Cisco routers, and other devices with the latest in console access. Typically, you do this via Telnet software, using an SSH tunnel through the console server to communicate securely with serial port-connected devices over the Internet or any other public network.

    But you can Telnet through the console server to the serial device several other ways, too. (See "Serial Console Port Management" and "LAN Console Port Management" in the Tech Specs.)

    The Advanced Console Server comes with SDT Connector, a free open-source SSH Java client. Use it to auto-load your console server's configurations and, to ensure secure connectivity with attached network and serial devices, set up SSH tunnels for port-forwarding communications through the console server.

    The same SDT Connector is used for setting up a 10-/100-Mbps auto failover route to a remote, out-of-band gateway.

    Robust advanced encryption keeps all connection communications secure. In addition, the console server gives you a choice of filtering and access logging facilities, which you can archive off-line using its USB flash. Store off-line logs for serial ports, available networks, and more. And to protect against unauthorized access, the system enables you to restrict access by IP address, password, or account.

    Scans serial stream and sends alerts.
    To help ensure maximum uptime, the Advanced Console Server proactively scans the serial stream on console ports, searching for specific errors and phrases.

    The console server supports SNMP and SMTP alerts/traps for serial ports and hosts. Simply set the trigger condition for each port, and the console server monitors port traffic for your defined character stream pattern or phrases. If they're detected, the console server sends SMS text or an e-mail to you or an SNMP server (or to a central Nagios server, if it's used). This alerts facility can be enabled on any and all serial ports or connected hosts.

    In addition, the console server enables you to be informed of its operating status. An on-line LED on the back of the unit flashes a "heartbeat" periodically, and its "heartbeat monitor" agent can trigger dial-back or a redundant path during network outages. The heartbeat monitor checks that the console server is on-line and operating as it should, that it's clear to send alerts and alarms, and that it's accessible by remote users. You can set it up so if the heartbeat falters, it can automatically dial up a remote site to raise an alarm, or switch to and activate a failover link.

    Hotkey power on a PDU or an RPS.
    The Advanced Console Server is also an ideal solution for situations where you need out-of-band access to a "dead" communications device—one that's entirely locked up in a frozen condition.

    Using a hotkey from the command line interface via SSH or Telnet, you simply launch the console server's power menu, through which you can turn power on (or off), power cycle, or just check the power status of a particular device. Or you activate power status control and monitoring through SNMP. The console server supports thousands of PDU or RPS units, for both serial- and SNMP-connected control.

    Supports GNU bash shell script.
    Some console servers use proprietary protocols for communications, however the Advanced Console Server, gives you access to the Linux core, including bash. For this reason, it's ideal for industrial control applications where you need to remotely manage proprietary equipment with custom protocols.

    Through the Linux kernel, you can write custom scripts that can run manually or automatically. This way, you proactively create self-healing solutions for cycling power on a router or switch on PING failure.

    You can also write custom scripts that run each time a particular alert triggers. You can, for example, set up the console server to power cycle on a managed device when a specific alert event occurs or to send multiple notification e-mails out when an alert triggers.

    Tech Specs

    Approvals CE, RoHS
    Compliance FCC Part 15 A, UL® 1950, TUV, C-Tick, NERC CIP Cyber Security Compliant
    Connectors Serial: (32) RJ-45 (RS-232) for use with rolled cables; Local console/external modem serial port: (1) DB9 F (RS-232); Built-in modem port: (1) RJ-11; Network/broadband out-of-band access: (2) RJ-45 (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX); USB: (1) USB 2.0
    CPU Processor 166 MHz ARM (Micrel KS8695P)
    Dimensions 1.75"H (1U) x 17"W x 12.3"D (4.4 x 43.1 x 31.2 cm)
    LAN Console Port Management Secure SSH tunneling (TCP/UDP); Secure Remote Desktop access to Windows® XP/2003; Secure VNC access to Sun®, Windows, Linux computers; secure HTTP(S) access to browser-controlled appliances; Native IPMI 1.5/2.0 (RMCP/RMCP+) support for BMC and service processor access and control; Secure SOL to BIOS, EMS, ACS data; service processor access (IPMI, ILO, LOM); access to KVM built into service processors (DRAC, RSA); secure Telnet access; limit user access by LAN device and SDT service for device; embedded DHCP server
    Memory 64 MB SDRAM, 16 MB embedded flash, external 2 GB USB flash drive (included)
    Network Protocols NTP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP; Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, PPP, RS-232
    Operating Environment Temperature: 41 to 122° F (5 to 50° C); Humidity: 5 to 90%, noncondensing
    Operating System Support Linux with source code access (custom development kit included)
    Power Dual-socket power supplies: Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz internal; Consumption: Less than 30 W
    Security Secure Shell (SSH-2, SSH-3); TACACS+, RADIUS, LDAP, PAP/CHAP (dialup); dialback support; local authentication; system event syslog; SSH port and IP forwarding support; IP packet filtering
    Serial Console Port Management SSH tunneled serial bridging; Window 2003 Server ACS and EMS support; Sun/Solaris® ready (no inadvertent breaks); Break over SSH support; port triggers with SMNP and e-mail alerts; off-line data logging (Syslog, NFS, CIFS); on-line data buffering and logging; access by TCP port; Telnet/unauthenticated Telnet SSH/Raw TCP connect; RFC 2217 port redirection; Windows Remote Desktop or VNC over serial support; per serial port user access lists
    This product works with:

    This product works with:
    • Cisco Compatible Console Port Adapter for Advanced Console Servers (LS1016A-CISCO)
    • Console Server Adapter for Advanced Console Server, DB9F to RJ-45 (LS1016A-9FT)
    • DB9 Male DTE Dumb Terminal Adapter (LS1016A-9MT)
    • DB25 Female DCE Serial Port Adapter (LS1016A-25FC)
    • DB25 Female DTE Dumb Terminal Adapter (LS1016A-25FT)
    • DB25 Male DCE Modem Adapter (LS1016A-25MC)
    • DB25 Male DTE Dumb Terminal Adapter (LS1016A-25MT)
    Questions? Contact our FREE Tech Support.

    * Technical specification weight is the unit weight. It is not the packaged shipping weight. For shipping weight, please contact Black Box customer service at 877-877-2269.



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    The Console Server 32 Port with POTS Modem comes with a standard 5 Year Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard) already included.

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    Plus, get an Extended Double Diamond Warranty.

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