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APC Back-UPS RS 1000 (600-W/1000-VA), 120-V

A power-saving UPS for workstation power protection and extra runtime.

Price: $130.10

3 YEAR DoubleDiamond™ Warranty (Standard)

Product Features

  • A power-saving UPS for protecting and extending runtime of office computers.
  • Provides battery backup power so you can work through outages.
  • 600-W/1000-VA of output power capacity on eight NEMA 5-15R outlets (four with battery backup/surge protection and four with surge protection only).
  • Details

  • Power conditioning protects against surges and other power disturbances.
  • Instant battery backup keeps data from being lost during outages and brownouts.
  • Full-time surge suppression safeguards against lightning and power spikes.
  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) adjusts both voltages to safe levels during brownouts and overvoltage events.
  • Built-in LCD graphical display shows mode of operation, alarms, and system parameters.
  • Includes data port, cable, and software for managing the UPS from a workstation.

    Deliver economical power protection, battery backup runtime, and power savings to your computing devices with this Back-UPS® solution from APC®.

    Cold-start capable, the Back-UPS RS 1000 provides temporary battery power when your utility power goes out. This way, you can keep working during blackouts, brownouts, or other power anomalies. The UPS provides a maximum runtime of 2 hours, 27 minutes at the lowest load (50 W). Using 600 W at full load, its maximum runtime is 4 minutes.

    A resettable circuit breaker enables easy recovery from overload events—there's no need to replace a fuse. And when utility power returns, the UPS starts up connected equipment automatically.

    The BR1000G provides 600 W/1000 VA of output power capacity on its transformer block-spaced outlets. In all, the UPS has eight NEMA 5-15R outlets with four providing battery backup and surge protection and four providing surge protection only.

    Because it has both battery-protected/surge-protected and surge-protected-only outlets, you can reserve power capacity and run time for equipment requiring battery backup while providing surge-only protection for less-critical equipment.

    In good power conditions, the BR1000G bypasses your unused electrical components so you can achieve very high operating efficiency without sacrificing any protection.

    It also helps reduce the cost of powering devices not in use by automatically cutting power to idle equipment. This way, you can conserve electricity, reduce your utility bills, and possibly extend the life of expensive equipment. The UPS's master outlet senses when your computer has either been turned off or has gone into sleep mode. When either happens, the UPS shuts power off to peripherals plugged into its controlled outlets.

    The Back-UPS RS 1000 also offers extended-range automatic voltage regulation (AVR), which corrects both high- and low-voltage conditions without using the battery, so you have much higher application availability.

    And it protects connected equipment, too. The BR1000G features Ethernet network line protection on its 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T RJ-45 data port and coax line protection for CATV and AV devices on its BNC connector.

    Audible alarms notify you of changing utility power and UPS conditions, and its LCD status and control console gives you clear, accurate information readout.

    Batteries are hot-swappable on the UPS, so you can ensure uninterrupted power to protected equipment while batteries are being replaced. A periodic battery self-test ensures early detection of a battery that needs to be replaced, and audible alarms alert you when a battery is running low.

    What's more, the Back-UPS features microprocessor-controlled battery charging, and diagnostic testing ensures maximum battery life.

    Manage the BR1000G from a workstation connected to its data port (a USB cable and PowerChute® Personal Edition management software CD are included).
  • Tech Specs

    Outlets (4) NEMA 5-15R battery backup/(4) NEMA 5-15R surge protection only
    Output Capacity 600/1000
    Runtime 14 (300 W)/4 (600 W)
    Surge Rating (Joules) 355
    Dimensions 9.8"H x 3.9"W x 15"D (25 x 10 x 38.2 cm)
    Weight 23.6 lb. (10.7 kg)
    Warranty 3 years

    NOTE: Technical specification weight is the unit weight. It is not the packaged shipping weight. For shipping weight, please contact Black Box customer service at 877-877-2269.


    Double Diamond Warranty 3 YEAR DoubleDiamond™ Warranty (Standard) Diamond

    Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)

    Take the risk out of equipment purchases with the Double Diamond™ Warranty from Black Box Network Services.

    The Double Diamond Warranty is our warranty that protects your Black Box® brand products* from accidental damage, including drops, water, and power surges.

    The APC Back-UPS RS 1000 (600-W/1000-VA), 120-V comes with a standard 3 Year warranty already included.

    During the warranty period, Black Box Network Services will repair or replace your damaged equipment within one week of receipt at NO CHARGE!*

    Plus, get an Extended Double Diamond Warranty.

    You can also extend your warranty or protect a previously purchased Black Box® brand product** for an additional year—for only 10% of the purchase price! Or, extend your coverage for a full three years for only 20% of the purchase price!

    Ordering an extended warranty is easy: When viewing a product in your shopping cart, just select the one or three years of additional coverage in the dropdown menu under “Warranty Options.” For details, contact Customer Service at 724-746-5500.

    * Warranty subject to certain exclusions and limitations ** Certain products may not be eligible.

    What’s more, we also have a 45-day return policy. Simply call Customer Service for a Return Authorization (RA) number, return your product in new condition and in the original package, and receive a full refund.

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