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Console Server 16 Port

Secure remote out of band management


Please call 877-877-2269 for a replacement product or part.
Extended Double Diamond™ Warranty Available (3 Additional Year)

Product Features

  • Access up to 16 serial devices securely over your Ethernet network.


  • Autosensing 10/100/100-Mbps Ethernet.
  • Software selectable RS-232/422/485 serial interface.
  • Secure access to serial devices across your Ethernet network.
  • Software-selectable interface prevents tampering in the field.
  • Easy to manage through any Web browser or Telnet.
  • Secured with 128-, 192- and 256-bit AES; 3DES; Blowfish; and CAST128, plus ARCFOUR or ARCTWO data encryption across the LAN via SSH and SSL.
  • Support SNMP V3 management.
  • Support e-mail event notification.
  • Support for Syslog enables you to track system events for routine troubleshooting and incident handling.
  • Include COMredirect software to provide true remote serial ports over an Ethernet LAN.
  • Feature a 400-MHz, 750-MIPS, 32-bit processor.
  • Built-in surge protection on all interfaces.
  • Housed in a compact 1U rackmount chassis.

  • 10/100/1000 Secure Device Servers enable you to use your Ethernet network to securely access remote RS-232/422/485 ports on serial equipment such as industrial equipment or security devices. Support for Gigabit Ethernet as well as 10BASE-T Ethernet and Fast Ethernet makes them adaptable to any virtually network configuration. The compact 1U rackmount chassis is ideal for high-density enterprise applications.

    Secure Serial Connectivity
    The servers protect sensitive data from serial devices such as credit card readers through encryption with Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The device servers also support all major encryption ciphers such as AES, 3DES, RC4, RC2, and CAST128. User authentication through RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP, Kerberos, NIS, and RSA Security's SecurID tokens ensures that only authorized users can access the system.

    Secure Device Servers support Next Generation IP (IPv6), making them compatible with networks that have upgraded to this new IP standard. Plus the included COMredirect software provides fixed TTY or COM ports so server-based applications can communicate accurately with serial devices in encrypted or clear text modes. The device servers also support SNMP for integration into managed networks.

    Secure Device Servers include Device Manager software to provide central control of multiple terminal servers, so you get maximum uptime for your remote equipment.

    Tech Specs

    CE Approval Yes
    Connectors LES5084A: (1) RJ-45 10-/100-/1000-Mbps Ethernet, (8) RJ-45 serial; LES5164A: (1) RJ-45 10-/100-/1000-Mbps Ethernet, (16) RJ-45 serial
    Indicators LEDs: Per unit: (1) Power/Ready; Per Ethernet port: (1) Network Link activity; Per serial port: (1) Tx and Rx data
    Interface 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T
    Management Web browser; Device Manager software (included); Telnet™, shared console port; SNMP, MIB II, read and write Syslog
    Operating temperature +32 to +131° F (0 to +55° C);
    Port Buffering 256 KB per port or 3DES encrypted to NFS server
    Power 120-VAC, 50-Hz external power supply; international power supplies available on request
    Processor 400-MHz, 750-MIPS, 32-bit
    Protocol IPv6, IPv4, TCP/IP, Reverse SSH, SSH, SSL, CIDR, RIPV2/MD5, ARP, RARP, UDP, UDP Multicast, ICMP, BOOTP, DHCP, TFTP, SNTP, Telnet, raw, reverse Telnet, LPD, RCP, DNS, WINS, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, SNMPV3, PPP, PAP/CHAP, SLIP, CSLIP
    Security SSHV1 and SSHV2; SSL V3.0/TLS V1.0, SSL V2.0; SSL Server and SSL client mode capability; Encryption: AES (256/192/128), 3DES, DES, Blowfish, CAST128, ARCFOUR(RC4), ARCTWO(RC2); Hashing Algorithms: MD5, SHA-1, RIPEMD160, SHA1-96, and MD5-96; Key exchange: RSA, EDH-RSA, EDH-DSS, ADH; X.509 Certificate verification: RSA, DSA; Certificate authority (CA) list; Local database; RADIUS Authentication and Accounting; TACACS+, LDAP, NIS, Kerberos; RSA SecureID-agent or via RADIUS; IP Address filtering; Disable unused daemons
    Serial Ports Software selectable to RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485; Full modem and hardware flow control; 50 bps to 230 kbps for EIA-232; Up to 230 kbps for EIA-422/485; Sun® Break Safe; Full bidirectional modem support; 15Kv ESD protection on all signals
    Size 1.75"(1U)H x 17.1"W x 10.4"D (4.4H x 43.4 x 26.4 cm)
    Storage temperature -40 to +150° F (-40 to +66° C)
    Warranty 1 Year
    Weight 6.6 lb. (3 kg)
    These products work with: - Secure Device Server Accessories

    * Technical specification weight is the unit weight. It is not the packaged shipping weight. For shipping weight, please contact Black Box customer service at 877-877-2269.



    Double Diamond Warranty

    Extended 1 Year Warranty Available

    Protect your purchase with an additional 1 Year Double Diamond™ warranty!
    Cost: $205.63

    Extended 3 Year Warranty Available

    Protect your purchase with an additional 3 Year Double Diamond™ warranty!
    Cost: $411.25


    Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)

    Take the risk out of equipment purchases with the Double Diamond™ Warranty from Black Box Network Services.

    The Double Diamond Warranty is our warranty that protects your Black Box® brand products* from accidental damage, including drops, water, and power surges.

    The Console Server 16 Port comes with a standard 1 Year Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard) already included.

    During the warranty period, Black Box Network Services will repair or replace your damaged equipment within one week of receipt at NO CHARGE!*

    Plus, get an Extended Double Diamond Warranty.

    You can also extend your warranty or protect a previously purchased Black Box® brand product** for an additional year—for only 10% of the purchase price! Or, extend your coverage for a full three years for only 20% of the purchase price!

    Ordering an extended warranty is easy: When viewing a product in your shopping cart, just select the one or three years of additional coverage in the dropdown menu under “Warranty Options.” For details, contact Customer Service at 724-746-5500.

    * Warranty subject to certain exclusions and limitations ** Certain products may not be eligible.

    What’s more, we also have a 45-day return policy. Simply call Customer Service for a Return Authorization (RA) number, return your product in new condition and in the original package, and receive a full refund.